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Friday, December 21, 2012

Sydney Photographer for Hire - What I've Been Up To and What You Mightn't Have Known

Latteria Darlinghurst - Sydney Freelance Photographer

Well, those of you who have been reading Southern In-Law for a little while may know that I'm a Freelance Writer and own my own business, KISS Freelance - but you mightn't know that's not where I started out. 

At sixteen, I started my own photography business, at eighteen I bought my first business name and landed my first major professional jobs.

Sydney Product Photographer - Kristy Sayer - KISS FreelanceSydney Food Photographer - Kristy Sayer - KISS FreelanceSydney Food Photographer - Kristy Sayer - KISS FreelanceSydney Freelance Photographer - Kristy Sayer - KISS Freelance

My biggest moment was having my photos featured on Pepe's Pastizzis packaging - stocked in Woolworth's stores nationwide. Truth be known, my Mum was so excited she wanted to stop people in the store and say "HEY! LOOK AT THIS!".

I've photographed for websites, product advertisements and many other things - but you know what gives me the greatest satisfaction? 

Oatley Portrait Photographer - Kristy Sayer

It's these photos - the simple ones that go on walls and Christmas cards, that are cherished for years to come, that put smiles on people's faces.

Oatley Photographer - Kristy SayerSutherland Shire Portrait Photographer - Kristy Sayer

It's these photos that made me start my photography business and the photos that I'm most proud of. 

Latteria Darlinghurst - Sydney Freelance Photographer - Kristy Sayer - KISS Freelance

And I can't tell you how happy/proud/overwhelmed it makes me that this Christmas, one lucky wife is receiving a truly heartfelt gift that I was apart of.

The photos of this cafe were taken because I was contacted by a man in England - a loving husband. He wanted to surprise his wife this Christmas by giving her photos of her favourite cafe - Latteria, Darlinghurst - to hang on their walls in their home overseas. 

At first, I wasn't so convinced - the cafe wasn't the loveliest I'd seen - but then I realised something. This was what was familliar to this woman - so I captured the little things. The signature tables and stools that lined the footpath, the open cabinets inside, the sign - the things that she would have remembered. 

Three of these photos are being printed on large canvases, to be hung side by side as a feature in their home - you can't get a happier client than that - and you can't feel anymore successful than that.

So tell me, what have you been up to lately? 


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