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Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favourites: 27 July 2012

Friday again! I've had a crazy week that had no schedule so it's felt pretty hectic! I've been doing more freelance writing work this week for some great projects - there's nothing better than finishing a project and having the client be super happy with it!

I've also been to doctors appointments to sort out what's been going on with my weirdo body. I finally have some answers which explain some things, so you'll be hearing about that soon!

I need some ideas for more posts related to Jesse and I - I want to know what YOU want to hear! and also don't forget to enter my giveaway before it ends next Tuesday!

Favourite Party Ideas: 
This week I was incredibly jealous of Giada's (aka Baby Boo) Minnie Mouse Birthday party! Arielle through her the sweetest party fit for any Disney fan - check out the Minnie Themed food, activities and all the cute photos. Also, I should add that this super mama organised and threw this amazing party while seriously pregnant! I think Ari needs to consider going into the party planning business!

Food Love of the Week: 
I can't get enough of my Protein Brownies this week! I've taken to making double batches and they disappear before I know it! This week I've also come up with another protein muffin recipe which you will surely see in the coming weeks!

Dream Holiday: 
This cold winter weather has me dreaming of a warm beach vacation. The Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort & Spa would be heaven right about now. Where's that birthday fairy when I need her?! My birthday is August 12th - I definitely wouldn't reject a trip to Tahiti!

Favourite Canine Cutie:
I'm not usually a French Bulldog fan, but this little one is adorable! The cute squishy little face and pointy ears are so cute! 

Favourite News Story: 
 I was so glad to hear that 3/5 of the hospitals treating the victims of the Colorado Batman shootings have completely waived their medical bills and Warner Brothers have donated a significant amount of money to assist the victims. It wasn't Warner Brothers fault whatsoever but they still came to the aid of those affected!

So tell me, did you see anything interesting this week? 

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