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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gift Ideas: TANFAN

A quick post because I AM OFF TO THE AIRPORT!! :D 
Next time you hear from me, I'll be with Jesse!

Today's Christmas Blogging Challenge question is; "Who is the easiest person to buy for?". This is a tricky one - I always like to find the perfect present every year, so I put a lot of effort into finding just that. Today, I have a gift idea which might solve buying a present for someone who seems to have everything or who is super hard to buy for!

Do you have a friend who is a bronzed beauty? I don't mean they bake themselves in the sun for hours - I'm talking spray tanned. 

If so, I have the perfect gift for them. Actually, I have the perfect gift for anyone - these dresses may be designed for wearing after a spray tan, but they're the perfect bikini cover or dress to wear when you're getting your hair and makeup done - forget lifting a tshirt over your head and destroying your hair!

The TANFAN is the ultimate no fuss dress, especially for tanning. It has adjustable sleeves and an adjustable length and they have thought of everything. 

From the high collar to stop you worrying about staining your couch or chair to a carry bag so that you can throw it in your purse to put on after your tan.

I've had one fake tan - and that disgusting sticky feeling had me standing around in an old bikini in front of a fan for hours because I didn't want to sit down or ruin my clothes.  I can certainly see how the TANFAN would be the perfect solution.

Best of all - the fabric feels divine. It's 100% cotton and so easy to wash. Forget stiff, sticky clothes - that's what makes the TANFAN perfect for summer - regardless of whether you're getting a fake tan or not. 

With my wedding coming up next year, I know the TANFAN is going to come in handy when getting my hair and makeup done - I won't have to worry about wiping off makeup when slipping a shirt over my head or ruining my hair.

The TANFAN is available online and comes with its own bag to carry it in. At the moment, only the original black style is available - but more colours and styles will be available in the future!

So tell me, have you ever had a spray tan? 
Is there someone in your life who could benefit from this - or you? 


  1. How exciting that you will see Jesse so soon!

  2. I actually need one of these! I was self tanning (inexpensive way for paper white poor people haha) and was like oh my god what to wear over! I ended up walking round naked in my bathroom for a bit to let it dry. Ha!


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