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Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favourites: 7 December 2012

Well I always say it's better to start with the bad and end with the good, so lets get the bad over and done with.

Jesse should be on a plane right now - in fact, he should have been en route to Los Angeles. That's not happening. 

Why? Because American Airlines may just be the most unreliable airline of all time. This is Jesse's second flight in a row that they're screwed up - and they came literally two minutes to doing the same for me in the US. 

Jesse's first flight was delayed, then delayed again - then delayed again. This was the first of three flights, so it caused a domino effect - he would miss the next one, thus not getting to LAX to catch the flight to Sydney. The dumb people at Alexandria Airport thought it was too complicated and couldn't figure out how to switch him onto an alternate flight to make it to LAX, so they pushed everything back until tomorrow - with absolutely no compensation. Thankfully, he's not staying at a hotel (I can't imagine how angry the poor people that would have been staying at a hotel would've been) so he can just go home - but it means that our plans for Saturday and Sunday have had to be cancelled. 

When you're paying two thousand dollars plus for a plane ticket - these kind of things shouldn't happen... 

But anyway, let's stop being mad and look at the good things this week. 

This Salad: 
I have found a new obsession - and it comes in a mixing bowl. Why a mixing bowl? Because this hugh jass salad has trouble fitting in standard sized bowls. 

What's in it? Watermelon, green apple, cucumber, avocado, feta cheese and baby spinach. 

Sounds odd - tastes amazing. As long as you have watermelon and feta cheese - it will be delicious!

It's safe to say that Watermelon will remain a favourite for quite some time. I am obsessed. 

Watermelon with yogurt, watermelon in salads, watermelon in fruit salads, watermelon with feta cheese, watermelon with a spoon, watermelon with a fork, watermelon in a bowl, watermelon on the north pole? (no, not really - that would be cold!)

So yeah, pretty much all of my Friday Favourites this week revolve around watermelon!

Frosty Christmas Ornament
I'm also loving the Christmas Blogging Challenge!

Today's prompt is "Most Memorable Christmas" and I think that's obvious. It has to be last Christmas - the first Christmas I ever spent with my super amazing fiance (boyfriend at the time). This Christmas, I know will be super special as well - I just have to get him here first!

So tell me, how has your week been? 

With Jesse's flight delays, today's dental appointment and insane amounts of work - I'm ready for the weekend!

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