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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Healthy Habits for a Healthy Life

Kristy Sayer - freelance writer, Sydney
Hi loves! January tends to bring all sorts of new habits as we want to embrace the new year and refresh ourselves, our lives and our habits - but are you still following those New Years Resolutions you talked about 3 weeks ago? 

In the front of my journal, I have a whole list of things I want to maintain throughout 2013 - everything from staying true to myself to taking time out to relax to becoming a better fiance (soon to be wife) to Jesse. One thing that sticks out is to Continue enjoying a healthy lifestyle. 

Often times people are too quick to diet or cut things from their lives. I've heard many people say their New Years Resolution was to quit sugar or go Paleo or something along those lines - but you know what? I like sugar in moderation - and I don't see why I shouldn't have it. 

For me, I keep the healthy habits that I do because I enjoy them. I am genuinely obsessed with carrots, I often dream up oatmeal combinations while I'm asleep, I love to walk through the park by my house of a morning and I love feeling fit and like I'm performing at my best. Having many many medical issues means that I am incredibly grateful for when I feel well - and my own way of eating healthily helps me to feel that way. 

Jesse is embracing a healthy lifestyle too - albeit a little differently. When I first met Jesse, he would not under any circumstances think that healthy food would taste good - because it's healthy! Duh! Now I've begun to change his mind through tasting the food I eat, and he is very much enjoying the dark healthy side.

So what changes can you make to live a healthier lifestyle? No, to enjoy a healthier lifestyle - because that's what it's all about. 

Be Active Doing Something You Love; 
Growing up, I hated sports. I never did PE (always forgetting that uniform) and I never played team sports. Why? I have an arm disability (I say limited ability) which meant that I could never do things the way other kids did. I used to only be able to lift my arm at a 45 degree angle and I refused to look silly in front of my friends.

So I didn't do anything. 

As I got older and was allowed to do things on my own, I found that I loved walking. I would walk through the park just for something fun to do and I had one friend who would join me on his skateboard. I then realised how good I felt when I did walk - outside in the fresh air, strolling past the beautiful trees and wildlife of our local park - so I did it often. Now I walk most mornings (why most? because you will never find me walking or exercising unless I want to - that's part of enjoying a healthy lifestyle - and not feeling forced) and it starts my day off literally on the right foot. 

When I got to high school and it came time to choose sports, I chose Beach Walking in the Winter (benefit of going to school near the beach - and choosing winter was very strategic so you didn't melt whilst walking!) and Yoga in the Summertime (again, strategic because the library had airconditioning) and I fell in love with yoga. 

Despite my arm issues, I was able to convert yoga poses and improve the flexibility in my arm and the rest of my body. Not only that, I was able to relax at a time in my life where I had extreme anxiety. 

Since leaving school, I continued practicing yoga casually by myself at home - just as something to relax my mind and my body. 

Yoga and walking are the two main physical activities that work for me - and I love them. Your might be tennis or running or dancing or something else - but my hand eye coordination is shocking and I will never be a runner. It's all about finding something that you love to do and sticking with it!

Cook Delicious Healthy Meals; 
Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring - and that's the one thing I had to show Jesse. Be creative in the kitchen and find new and exciting healthy meals to make sure that you're truly enjoying eating.

On the left was a dinner that I made Jesse recently - Chicken Enchilada Pasta. Don't worry! I promise I will share the recipe very soon! (Jesse's glad I'll be making it again soon to photograph - so I'm sure it won't be long!). 

Try New Things; 
There's nothing worse than being stuck in the same old same old - especially with food! One of the reasons I love eating healthily is because I'm always trying new things. I'm the girl who will jump up and down in the supermarket when she spots a new food product or fruit or vegetable she can eat - yeah.

Don't be afraid to try something different - it could be incredibly delicious like the spaghetti squash on the right!

Brita Fill and Go Water BottleDrink More Water; 
Seriously - your body will love you for it! We need water to help our bodies to function at their best - and drinking water has some serious benefits! 

The benefits of drinking more water include; 
  • Hydrated, clearer skin 
  • Healthier hair
  • Better digestive function
  • Removal of waste from the body
  • Delivery of nutrients and oxygen to all cells of the body
  • Regulation of body temperature 
and so much more!

BRITA put me on the healthy track for 2013 by sending me a cute little care package containing their Fill & Go water bottle. I received both a red and a blue water bottle, perfect for Jesse and I. 

We are definitely a water bottle wielding couple. We always have a water bottle filled wherever we are (I always keep one at my desk, by the bed and in my handbag) to make sure we're getting enough water during the day. The Fill & Go also contains a filter so that you can fill your water bottle anytime, anywhere with tap water - and not worry about the smell or taste. The filter sits right inside the lid and (best of all for this lazy lady) the water bottle is also dishwasher safe - just take the filter out! The filters are said to last a week and they come in handy refill packs which are readily available across the country in stores such as Big W, Target, Kmart etc - just check their stockists. The Fill & Go starter pack includes the water bottle and 4 water filters and has a RRP of $19.95, whilst the 8 pack of filters is RRP $12.95

So tell me, what's your favourite healthy living tip? 
These are just a few and I have millions more - but I'd love to know yours! I would love to put together a post featuring your tips and tricks (and perhaps even your own story!). 


  1. Do everything in moderation and enjoy a balanced, healthy, happy life! Love all your tips and hell yeah to the water drinking. The only downside- drinking so much you pee constantly during the night...TMI? Ha!

    1. Haha well, you're right - but I find if I drink lots of water throughout the day and not just at night, I don't wake up so much :P

  2. For me getting enough sleep is very important. Lack of sleep makes me want to eat more.

    1. I definitely agree, Rachel! There's nothing worse than being sleep deprived!


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