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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Puppy Love

Kristy, Jesse and Chanel

Kristy and Chanel - Chihuhua cross Shitzu Puppy Oh do I have some cuteness for your Sunday! 

Those of you that have been reading Southern In Law for a while, you'll know that Jesse isn't the only love of my life. There's also a beautiful little puppy called Chanel. 

During the holidays, Jesse and I had a mini photoshoot with our beautiful pup thanks to Katie, who is also the writer of Wedding Dogs.

If you're after some smiles, make sure you have a look through the Wedding Dogs Blog to see some super sweet pictures of Couples who incorporated their four legged pals into their big day.

Kristy and Chanel - Shitzu cross Chihuahua Puppy

I'm planning on asking Katie some questions about her fabulous book - and sharing some of the pictures and stories with you in an upcoming post - so be sure to keep an eye out!

But just in case you can't wait - the book is available for purchase at Amazon, Indie Bound, Barnes and Noble and Books A Million.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask Katie, just leave a comment and I'll be sure to ask her! 

Kristy Sayer and Chanel - Freelance Writer, Sydney

Kristy and Jesse with ChanelAs I am a very dedicated fur-mama, the question has definitely come up as to whether Miss Chanel will be involved in our wedding - and we're not too sure yet! You see, whilst she is beautiful and very smart.... you couldn't exactly call her trained

She's a little bit of a princess and sits when she feels like it, not when you tell her - but she's so stinkin' cute that's easily ignored!

She is the sweetest little thing you ever could hope for - she melts everyone's heart who meets her and she always keeps us smiling with her silly antics. 

She cannot greet someone at the front door without frantically running to the back of the house and returning to re-greet them with a toy.

Chanel is a Chihuahua cross Shitzu and the Chihuahua side of her definitely shows because she's a little bit of a scaredy cat. She hates sneakers and bald men. Why? Don't ask me about the bald men, we have no idea.. but the sneakers - well that's because that awful little squeak sneakers make when you scuff them on tiles drives her absolutely crazy. It's the same pitch as our fire alarm when it goes low battery - and whenever that happens, Chanel will not come back inside until it has been fixed for at least 2 hours - then she knows the coast is clear.

Kristy Sayer and Chanel

As you can tell, I'm very much in love with my little pup - and I couldn't be without her!

So I'd love to know, tell me something you love about your pet! 

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