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Friday, April 25, 2014

Recent Things: Wedding Features, Fun Designs and Bookworming (RT#11)

Hey sweet peas! Friday again - and a super awesome Friday for us as we have another long weekend! I was just saying to Jesse how I love long weekends that start on a Friday because I feel like we get two Saturdays (which are usually relaxing as our Sundays are craaaaaaazy busy). 

We've only had a short week as it was Easter (and we had Good Friday through Easter Monday off!) and then yesterday was the end of our work week. Why can't every week be like this? ;) 

Nevertheless, let's get onto these recent things - I've got quite a bit to share with you! 
Cozy winter warmers

Recent Outfits of Choice: It's been a little bit chilly in Sydney lately so my beanies and berets have been getting a workout. When it's cold, all I want to do is be comfortable so I stick to a fresh face, warm and cozy jumpers and jackets and when I'm home, you'll find me wrapped in a blanket too. 

Un-fried Chicken Strips

Recent Winner Dinner: Homemade Unfried Chicken Strips. The top one there looks quite awful but blame Jesse's food styling ;P Jesse asked me for Chicken Strips and I kind of threw things together and hoped for the best and they were a HUGE success - recipe coming soon, my sweets!

Our Wedding Featured on Easy Weddings

Recent Excitement: Having our wedding featured on Easy Weddings!

Christian T-shirt Designs

I Wear Too Many Hats Mug Recent Designs: We now have two Cafepress Stores up and running and it's all very exciting. I know a lot of readers loved the Christian Heart design I shared a sneak peek of last week and I'm so excited that we now have the Christian Heart Design and a new Hope in Jesus Heart Design available at Christian Designs and Apparel.

And as you may already know, I am a wearer of many many many hats. I'm a blogger, business owner, writer, social media manager, graphic designer, SEO specialist, photographer, youth group leader, website developer, crafter, baker - you name it. 

We were struggling to come up with a name for our second store (originally it was going to be the Southern In-Law store, but we wanted to offer a wide variety of things) and I said "Ah, I just wear too many hats........ too many hats.... too many hats, that's it! And that's when we decided our second store would be called Too Many Hats - because we're creating designs for every kind of life.

We're uploading new designs every day so be sure to like the Facebook Pages for each store to keep up!

Punny T-ShirtsChristian T-Shirts

Recent Posts on SIL:

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Recent Food Obsessions: Obela Hommus, Goat Cheese and Beetroot anything and chocolate Easter Eggs (I'm eating them slowly... Jesse's were gone on Sunday morning :P) 

Despite Doubt - Embracing a Confident Faith - Michael E Wittmer

Recent Reads: I'm currently reading Despite Doubt: Embracing a Confident Faith and loving it - and I also have Anonymous by Alicia Britt Chole on my desk waiting to be read after a recommendation from the lovely Ellie!

But tell me some of your recents;
- The last book you read?
- The best dinner you've had this week? 
- The food you're loving right now?
- Your current favourite outfit?


  1. Have you tried this beetroot risotto with goat cheese?

  2. Kristy @ Southern In-LawApril 27, 2014 at 8:06 AM

    Ooh I haven't, but it looks delicious! I've just been making up my own concoctions!

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