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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Baby and Toddler Gift Guide 2022

Baby and Toddler Gift Guide 2022

Can you believe that Christmas is so close?! I can't - but I also can not wait! 

Whilst last year was Jensen's first Christmas, this year will really be his first Christmas where he knows what's going on - so what better gift guide to start with than the Baby and Toddler Christmas Gift Guide!

We've rounded up our top gift picks of the year - combining both toys Jensen loved as a baby, toys he's loving now and toys that will be good for toddlerhood. 

So let's get straight into it!

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Disclaimer: This post does contain some affiliate links and gifted products. 

Baby and toddler Christmas gift ideas

Toys to grow with them: 

My Pal Scout Smarty Paws (also available in a purple My Pal Violet version!)
available at Amazon AU, Amazon US and Target RRP $39 

I think this is one of my favourite gift ideas because it can be personalised! Before even giving the gift, you can program Scout (or Violet) to say your child's name, favourite food, favourite colour and favourite animal. Jensen lights up every time Scout says "Hello, Jensen!" and he also sings songs to teach him how to spell his name as well as fun songs about his favourite things. This would be a great first Christmas gift!

V-Tech Soft Discovery Turtle
available at Target RRP $39 

This super cute turtle would be a great toy for little ones that will grow with them. Recommended from 3 months to 24 months, this turtle sings, shakes and talks and a more eco friendly choice as the fabric and stuffing is made from 100% recycled plastic!

V-Tech Stack, Rattle and Link Elephant 
available at Target RRP $29

Jensen loves stacking and unstacking the rings on this toy and loves to play with the elephant. Recommended for ages 6-36 months it's bright, colourful and also eco friendly as it's made from 100% recycled plastic and plant-based plastic! 

Cocomelon Sing and Learn Laptop
available exclusively at Kmart 

One for the toddlers! This Sing and Learn Laptop is super cute and a great grow with them toy option. Designed for toddlers 18 months and over, it encourages your child to learn their letters, numbers, shapes and animals with over 60 fun learning phrases.

Newborn baby Christmas gift ideas

New baby faves: 

Monti and Me Contrast Cards 
available at Monti and Me 

Jensen absolutely LOVED these contrast cards as a newborn and they made tummy time a breeze. If I had to pick one gift for a newborn, I'd definitely recommend buying these and one of Jayne's beautiful peek-a-boo playsilks (we use these daily - especially for making tunnels or playing peekaboo!)

Monti and Me Newborn Mobile 
available at Monti and Me

Whilst we didn't try this when Jensen was a newborn, I wish we had one because he would have LOVED it! Visual stimulation is so important for newborn development and I know Jensen would have been mesmerised by this mobile. We are planning on giving one to our niece when she's born next year and I know she will love it!

Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker
available at Amazon AU and Amazon US 

There are so many baby swings and chairs and rockers on the market, but this one we used EVERY SINGLE DAY until Jensen was crawling (and now he uses it as a climbing frame but one day he may sit still again, haha!). Every time I shared it on my Instagram story, you guys would sell Amazon out, but I also have so many mamas who have bought it and loved it too. My favourite thing is that it will grow with your child and can be used until they're 19kg - so it's not something they'll outgrow quickly.

This was a lifesaver when Jensen was little as I could strap him in his chair and he'd happily play while I cooked dinner or had a shower. If it's out of stock when you click the link, keep checking back as they come back in stock all the time in different prints.

LifeFactory Glass Baby Bottles
available from Amazon AU 

For bottle feeding mamas, there are so many bottle choices out there - but one of my faves is Lifefactory's Glass Baby Bottles. They're easy to clean, dishwasher safe, easy to fill and BPA free and come in a variety of sizes with different nipples/bottle tops so the bottle can grow with your babe and would make a great eco friendly gift idea for Mums with tiny babes!

Stocking Stuffers for Babies and Toddlers

Stocking stuffers they'll love!

Mumma's Little Helpers Feeding Gift Set 
available from Mumma's Little Helpers

Whenever someone asks what our BLW essentials are, Mumma's Little Helpers' food catcher is the top of my list! It catches everything that drops during mealtimes and makes cleaning up a breeze. The Starting Solids bundle is perfect for new eaters whilst the Toddler Training Set is great for more experienced eaters! 

I am planning on ordering the Navy Blue food catcher (to match my kitchen 😅) so we have a second food catcher to swap between mealtimes whilst the other one is in the wash!

Rudolph Activity Toy
available from Latest Buy

This one is perfect if you're planning a Christmas Eve or December 1 box! We love toys like this for the pram or car and also use them while doing the grocery shopping as I can clip them onto the trolley (Jensen likes to test gravity with toys at times so clipping is essential!). This Rudolph sings and lights up and also has teething rings to chew on. 

Watermelon Three Ring Pool
available from Latest Buy

Inflatable pools can be the MVP of kids toys. We have one in our playroom that we use as a ballpit, for playing with soft toys and for using outside with water. The easiest baby friendly ball pit is an inflatable pool filled with plastic balls - and this one is the perfect size for toddlers!

Tender Leaf Toys Colour Me Happy Wooden Worm Puzzle
available from Latest Buy

This rainbow worm puzzle is the perfect toddler gift that will grow with them. The 12 colourful pieces encourage imaginative play, colour and shape recognition and are made from highly renewable rubber tree wood. 

Gund Oh So Snuggly Large Hippo
available from Latest Buy 

We LOVE Gund plush in our house! They're super soft and snuggly and there are so many fun friends to choose from. This Hippo is super snuggly and perfect for both girls and boys and will be a gift that will be loved for years to come!


This post may contain affiliate links. 
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. How clever is that food catcher! That would save me a lot of paper towels and floor cleaner :P I asked for more silicon bibs for the kids this year--we have two but with soon-to-be two messy little eaters, can always use more and they are my favorites. Hope your holiday season is wonderful so far! xx Claire (Google won't let me sign in for some reason!)


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