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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Story

Originally posted at ksayerphotography but adapted for this blog!

Your ears are filled with the sound of birds chirping,
your lungs are filled with the clean air with the scent of pine, 
there's nothing but trees around you.

That's what it was like when we walked into the Kisatchie National Forest, off Camp Claiborne in Forest Hill LA.
There were trees as far as the eye could see and my photos don't do it justice to how gorgeous it was. We were in the forest in the late afternoon and there wasn't a sound but birds chirping. 

In total, the Kisatchie National Forest covers over 600, 000 acres across seven different Louisiana parishes.
It's filled with gorgeous long-leaf pine forests with camping facilities and 400 miles of trails for hiking and ATV riding. In different areas you can also go swimming, boating and fishing. 

That day we had plans to go out for lunch with his mum, her husband and my mum but Jesse told me that we'd be going "somewhere pretty" once we got back so that I could "take photos" (I'm lucky to have a fiance who understands my photography-inclined brain).

 We finished with lunch and got back to the house and waited til it got a little cooler before we left. I asked Jesse where we were going and the conversation went a little like so; 
Kristy: So, where are you taking me?
Jesse: To the forest
Kristy: The florist? Oh.. who are we getting flowers for? Wait... did you say florist or forest?
Jesse: Forest.
Kristy: Oh.. haha, I thought I hadn't seen any florists around

In case it wasn't obvious, when I was born I was pure blonde. While my hair colour has changed, at times my brain doesn't know that. 

 Once it got a little cooler, Jesse told me to change my shoes (and thus my outfit - pretty dress and sneakers? no thank you) and while I was talking to my mum, he came out with a backpack and started putting water bottles in it - because it was "hot out" and then I had "somewhere to put my camera". But there was something else in the bag and it wasn't trail mix. 

 We drove through the forest to find somewhere we could get out and walk through the forest. We stopped the car and walked out into the trees. I took photos for a little while before turning around and Jesse was on one knee asking me to marry him. I said yes (about 310 times!) and finally I had my pretty little ring on my finger!
 Oh I know, major PDA.
Did I know? I suppose you can say I was hoping. We'd had the ring since the Thursday, but Jesse had asked my Mum whether he should take it in his carry-on on the plane back to Sydney or if it was fine in his suitcase and that threw me off. 

Actually, I heard it and thought.. WHAT?! He's going to make me wait that long!? That reaction sounds totally selfish, but if you've read how we found the ring - you'll understand.

So what do you do when you're 10, 000 miles away from friends and family but you still want them to know the news?! You do the modern thing and post it on facebook, of course!
My friends and family woke up to the news and we were flooded with emails, comments and messages.

So tell me, If you're engaged/married - what was your proposal like?
If you're not - what would your dream proposal be?
Would you like a big song and dance, or something more romantic and intimate? 


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