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Saturday, July 28, 2012

GF GIVEAWAY: Saturday Spotlight - Brookfarm

Gluten Free Porridge with Cinnamon and Raisins

 Be sure to read to the bottom for the GIVEAWAY!

For me, cold and wintery weather means that oatmeal or hot cereal is commonly on the menu for breakfast. It warms you up from the inside and gives you the energy needed to go about your day. 
Gluten Free Porrij

Brookfarm have come up with a new GF porrij that I have been loving on these winter mornings! 

The Gluten Free Porrij is high in protein and full of flavour, and is a delicious mix of brown rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth, almonds, flaxseeds, macadamias and cinnamon.

It has no added sugar, preservatives or additives and is low in sodium and cholesterol free. Each serve has around 6g of protein and that's only increased by what you cook it with and add to it!

Brookfarm recommend cooking their porrij in the microwave, however I found cooking on the stove made it even more delicious and creamy, just as you see on the picture above! 

I love topping it with raisins or dates and a dollop of peanut or almond butter - and don't forget boatloads of cinnamon! Another way I like to make it is by adding in a mashed banana whilst cooking and then topping it with nuts or a dollop of nut butter (don't you remember, I'm a nut butter addict).

Gluten Free Brookfarm Products

Brookfarm also make way more gluten free products than their Gluten Free Porrij, including GF Muesli, Walkabout Mixes (trail mixes) and gluten free bars!

While you can buy them from stockists worldwide and their online store, I wanted to give you a chance to try them for free!   

Southern In Law Giveaway

Thanks to my friends at Brookfarm, you could win a Gluten Free Hamper worth $80, including delicious gluten free products such as: 
  • Gluten Free Muesli
  • Walkabout Mixes 
  • Oven Roasted Macadamias 
  • Macadamia Oil 
  • Gluten Free Bars
All in a super awesome Brookfarm bag! 

Gluten Free Brookfarm Giveaway
Image by Brookfarm

All you have to do to enter is tell me - What's your favourite wintery breakfast?

For an extra entry(s): 
  • "Like" Southern In Law on Facebook and leave a comment on the page
  • Follow me on Twitter (@ksayerphoto) and send me a tweet or leave a comment here with your twitter name
  • Share the link to this competition with your friends on Facebook or Twitter with a link to my facebook/twitter page.

 The giveaway is open to Australian residents only and is open until the 31st of August 2012 at 11:59 pm 

Make sure I have a way to contact you (anonymous comments can't be counted unless you send me an email with a copy of your comment to so I can let you know if you win! 

This giveaway is now closed.


  1. Porridge with raisins and lots of honey and nutmeg!

  2. Hot pancakes with raspberries and blueberries made by hubby. Yum!

  3. I like Southern In Law on Facebook

  4. Shared the link to this competition on Facebook

  5. Haha I'm a Sydney girl turned South Aussie (a whole 3 months now!) and my very 'healthy' breakfast year round on the way to work is a bottle of Dare Double Espresso! Do you know how hard it is to buy down here though?! Guess it will push me to give it up eventually ;)

    Ps - those walkabout mixes are actually really good.

  6. Home made bircher muesli made with a mixture of oats, nits, seeds and dried fruit, soaked overnight in half apple juice, half waer. Served with plain yogurt and some chia seeds and if I'm feeling indulgent, a sprinkling of cacau nibs....

  7. I love to make a fluffy egg white omelette to treat myself on the weekends. Fresh avocado, ricotta and grilled mushrooms cooked in whipped egg whites - what more could you want!

  8. mmm i love to cook up a nice warm continental style breakfast of bacon, eggs and a nice fruity muesli mix! Oh and the pancakes for my partner...she loves them! :)

  9. Raisin Toast, with butter and cinnamon and a hot coffee..
    Oats, with sultanas and cinnamon, with a Green Tea...
    So good!

  10. I love porridge with loads of brown sugar, now that I'm coeliac I haven't been able to get my hit, haven't seen this porrij yet must try it!!!

  11. I eat slightly odd breakfasts all year round usually, but I do love a muesli bar in the morning if I have some in the cupboard. It can be really hard to find a gluten free one that I like though! :)

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  12. I'm a fan on Facebook (Kate Ryan) :)

  13. I'm following on Twitter (NTFancy)

  14. I shared the giveaway here on Facebook:

  15. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 22, 2012 at 10:22 PM

    I love gluten free pancakes with 100% maple syrup and scambled eggs is another favourite...

  16. Kim m galwayst@hotmail.comAugust 22, 2012 at 10:23 PM

    I like you on facebook...

  17. I love a nice big bowl of hot porridge, with a sprinkle of bran for crunch and a large cup of english breakfast tea.

  18. Rice porridge made with milk, add sultanas and dark brown sugar. Can't forget the cup of earl grey tea also!

  19. Hey kristy!

    my all time favorite brekky has to be a papaya smoothy, i make it with rice milk, half a papaya and a dash of vanilla extract :)


    i just wanted to say i got married at 19 to my lovely husband who was 21 at the time, 5 years later we are happy, healthy and have a 18 month old son.
    dont believe people when they say you are to young to get married!
    some people wait there whole lives to find "the one" if you are lucky enough to find that person when you are young why wait ;)

  20. Slowcooked Molasses Baked Beans with ham hock, onions, tomato and a poached egg on top.

  21. I love poached eggs on gluten free toast and a large cup of coffee. Simple yet filling.

  22. I once tried a spicy Asian-style rice soup with boiled eggs. That was the best winter warmer I've ever had.


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