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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Countdown is On!

Today marks one week until my birthday. This years birthday sees me losing something... 

the TEEN part!

Yep, this year I graduate from nineteen to twenty. My body clearly thinks that's old because yesterday, I bent down to empty the dishwasher and snapped something in my back. Thankfully my teen youth must have come into play because it no longer hurts, haha.

 So how will I be celebrating my twentieth birthday? I'm not sure! 

I thought that this year might finally see a birthday spent with Jesse, but unfortunately not! Jesse and I have been together for 4 1/2 years and we've still never spent our birthdays together. 

On his first trip it was a few days after his birthday, but that's as close as we've gotten! We've spent one Easter and one Christmas together so we will have lots to catch up on!

I'm not a very big birthday person when it comes to myself. With everyone else I love to shower them with presents, plan birthday parties, make cakes etc but with myself I'm not fussed at all. 

I'm thinking I may request a froyo trip with my family, however, seeing as we can't go out for dinner together!  Of course I may have to get baking this week to see if I can't come up with an awesome birthday recipe. 

Does anyone have any ideas what I should do to celebrate the end of my teenhood? :P 

So tell me, are you a birthday person? 
or do you prefer to keep it low key on your birthday?  


  1. I love to stretch my bday out for as long as possible :P

    Hope you have a great one, and are able to spend it with your love one year soon!


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