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Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's my Birthday... Birthday Breakfast and my Island Dreaming

That's right, today is my birthday! Last night I slept off the rest of my teenhood and woke up in my second decade - I'm twenty!

I started this morning with my favourite Baked Banana Oatmeal (and I didn't even need to slave away in the kitchen as I always keep some in the freezer for a quick breakfast!) topped with a candle! 

Clearly, peanut butter makes the best (and tastiest) candle holder!

This birthday will be a quiet one, though I've already had some lovely cards to put a smile on my face! My lovely friend, Jamieanne and her little artist, Emma sent me a beautiful card - and a card arrived from the fiance as well!

Whilst I am wishing I could be whisked away to Louisiana or a warm, sunshine soaked Island somewhere in the Pacific - I'm incredibly grateful for what I do have. 

An amazing fiance,
an incredible family
and the Sweetest of Friends.

Who knows, maybe next year I might be writing to you beach side in the Maldives (dream on! - though if you need a travel writer, I'm your girl!) - at least hopefully by then I will have my fiance to celebrate with (or will that be husband?!)

 Thank you to my lovely friends and family for the birthday wishes I've already gotten :)

So tell me, what's your favourite birthday meal?  
Do you have one food or meal you have to have every year or do you just choose whatever you feel like that year?

When I was younger, I had to have the exact same birthday cake each year. Golden Butter Cake with Betty Crocker chocolate frosting. It always had smarties on top (never the brown ones because they were ugly) and if it had licorice strap decorations, that was even better. 

Now that I can't eat gluten, things are a little different - though I'm still thinking I may have to say whether I can eat that Betty Crocker frosting ;P Come on.. processed things just taste better some times :P

As for birthday traditions, before I went gluten free (and had a million and one intolerances) we always got to choose what everyone ate when it was our birthday. This year I don't think my family are feeling the quinoa love - so it's dinner for one! 



  1. I just always have to have a cake! :D

  2. Happy Birthday Kristy! I hope you have an amazing day! And not a bad start with that little oatmeal bake with cute umbrella :) My favorite bday meal (which isn't really a meal!) is Portillos Chocolate Cake :) Have to have it EVERY bday! I'm not sure if you have those by you, but they are the absolute best restaurant chain in Chicago for chocolate cake, so good!

    1. Thanks Kristina!

      I've never heard of Portillos but I googled it and it looks amazing, so no wonder it's a must!

  3. happy birthday!!! yummy recipe... heart shaped too! perfect!

  4. This looks yummy! We LOVE oatmeal! And guess what? It's our 20th birthday today too!! Hope you had a good one!

    1. Oh how fun, Happy Birthday! I hope you both had a wonderful day!

  5. Happy (belated) birthday! It feels like not too long ago that you were writing about your 18th! My mum usually cooks me my favourite dishes on my birthday for dinner (so I end up eating almost the same things every year!) ;)


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