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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things You Didn't Know About Me: I was a Band Geek

Things You Didn't Know About Kristy

So, for a little bit of fun - I thought I'd start sharing some things that people are usually shocked to find out about me. These are the type of unexpected things that pop up in conversation.

Flute Body

 When I was younger I was a Band Geek! No, that's not true - I wasn't a Band Geek as such, but I was in the band and played an instrument. 

Any guesses as to what that instrument to the right could be? 

I was part of my Primary (Australia's Elementary School) School's Concert Band - meaning I was a part of the band that went to all of the festivals, competitions etc. 

Flute Keys

I was... a flute player, a flutist, a flautist a fluter - whatever you'd like to call me! (I know all of the terms thanks to a hub I wrote on Parts of a Flute)

My parents bought me a beautiful Gemeinhardt flute and I went to lessons once a week. I played first chair flute in the concert band and I'm pretty sure I fudged my way through every song. 

Say what? Yep.. I don't really know how I managed to play the flute when I never practiced. Thankfully for my lazy self, music comes naturally to me and I learn by ear. I actually taught myself to play the piano the same way!  

The highlight of my fluting career (ha!) was playing for a band concert at the Sydney Opera House. Thanks to that experience I can honestly say - I played Twister in the Sydney Opera House. Hey, that's another thing you didn't know about me! and I bet not many other people could say they've done that

So tell me, did you play an instrument when you were younger?


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