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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wowcow Frozen Yogurt Opens at Burwood

Why hello, you might have noticed yesterday's Saturday Spotlight was missing.... well it's here... a day late, but here anyway!

This soon to be Southern In-Law is not having a good weekend. I'll be back at the doctors soon (probably for more tests, wah) as I seem to be feeling worse, not better. Lately I've been feeling tired and run down regularly but then having what we call "bad spells" where all of a sudden, I feel like death warmed up. 

It starts usually with extreme fatigue, then a headache and/or stomach cramps and I fall asleep for a couple of hours. Then once I wake up I feel awful. On Friday night it was extreme nausea, dizzy spells and the worst headache that nothing will fix. 

Now that I've started to see that pattern, I've also been able to identify that there's nothing else effecting it - no changes in food/activity/whatever. The headache won't go away by taking anything (herbal or pain killers) but thankfully I can usually control the nausea somewhat with anti-nausea medication - the fatigue, however, I have no way of controlling. I can sleep for a whole day and still wake up tired. 

But anyway, back on to the brighter things and the reason I hopped out of bed yesterday - Wowcow. See the dedication?! 

One of the things I'd say to anyone who suffers any chronic illness is get out of bed. Laying around fixes nothing! 

Wowcow Frozen Yogurt Burwood

Yesterday was the Grand Opening of Wowcow Burwood! This is store number four in Sydney - with the others being in Newtown, Darlinghurst and Parramatta.

Wowcow Burwood - Free FroyoWowcow Burwood - Free Frozen Yogurt Line Up

I mooseyed on down (or up? or out? I don't know.. I'm directionally challenged) to Burwood to check out the new store and support Oxfam whilst enjoying Wowcow's delicious Froyo! 

Wowcow Burwood - Black Baby CalfWowcow Burwood - White Calf

There were real cows (obviously the cow obsessed sister tagged along!) and all of the donations given on the day were to buy cows for families in need around the world. 

The little calf on the right was just TWO weeks old! Whilst the one on the left was a bit bigger than the other two. 

Wowcow Burwood - cute cow balloonWowcow Burwood - person dressed as a cow

But there weren't just real cows - there were balloon cows and people dressed as cows - just to emphasize Wowcow's day a little further!

There were free froyo samples to get everyone interested as well as wow sticks, before you could head inside and order your own free cup for a gold coin donation! 

The sister got an original frozen yogurt with berries, whilst I went for a straight up original froyo. I was planning on getting a mixed chocolate and original - but they weren't mixing flavours for the opening (sad face) - but that just means I need to go back, right?!

Katrina loved Wowcow and now understands why I'm slightly obsessed. But hello, is there anything better than froyo?! 

Wowcow Frozen Yogurt Opposite Burwood Westfield

The new store is just across from the Westfield at Burwood - meaning you can get in a bit of retail therapy and fuel yourself with frozen yogurt for more shopping! Now that's my kind of day!

On the way home... I realised one thing... 
The church Jesse and I are planning on getting married in is right up the road. You know what that means?! Wedding day froyo! Jesse has already given my plans the green light (see why I'm marrying him?!?!) 

So tell me frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet or gelato - what's your pick?!

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