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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Soon to be starring on: Mystery Diagnosis

Mystery Diagnosis

That's right, it seems my body is trying to take the limelight by playing hard to get with doctors. I've mentioned a couple of times that my lack of posting has been because I've been both really busy and really sick - so yesterday I headed back to the doctor. 

I had an appointment booked at 2:15pm and after waiting one and a half hours I finally saw my doctor. I'm thinking that doctors really need one of those buzzer systems they have in fast food restaurants - you make your appointment, go to the desk and then they give you a buzzer so that you can go about your business and come back to the doctors offices once the patient before you goes in. That sounds like a much better solution than sitting in a waiting room - especially a crowded one!

Once I got to see the doctor, it was decided that I needed yet more tests and I was given a referral to a specialty dizziness clinic and a neurologist. My blood pressure was also extremely low (and she told me I need to eat chocolate when I'm feeling light headed - best doctor ever) so we don't know what's going on there!

Now, about that dizziness clinic. You know how when you get a needle and a doctor says "this will only be a tiny prick" and it hurts a lot more? My doctor said "Well, I need to tell you... the tests that the neurologist is going to do are not going to be comfortable at all"... "Oh, okay" I said... "No really... they are not going to be comfortable they're going to make you extremely dizzy and sick, but that's how they find the problem". Going off the mosquito bite needle talk doctors usually give, what on earth am I supposed to expect for this next appointment?!

Hopefully it will only be as bad as she says, and I'll just be very uncomfortable (and likely nauseous and dizzy too) - but anything to stop the constant headaches, dizziness and nausea is fine with me. 

This afternoon I have a date.... 


Not the kind of date you really want to have, but an important date nonetheless. 

Here's hoping they don't rob me of too much of my blood. Last time they took nine vials - and lets just say I wasn't the most "together" person for the rest of the day. 

This blood test is to check on my vitamin absorption levels (a potential problem for coeliacs - especially those who have significant damage from a delayed diagnosis) as well as my general levels and to check whether my glandular fever/mono is still currently active or whether it's gone into the next stage. 

But do tell me, are you having a brighter week than me?!?! 
I'd love to know how your week has started! :)  


  1. Our week isn't much brighter than yours! We are currently super stressed by thinking of changing schools at the last minute, just a few days before school holidays. We want Emma to finish Term 4 at a different school because of some issues at her current school, and I already enrolled Blake at her school, but we want to change that too. Just trying to decide if it's the right thing or not, as Emma is super shy and we don't want her to have to go through having to make all new friends again if it might traumatize her or something.

    I hope the blood test goes well and you get good results!

    1. Oh gosh, that doesn't sound good at all! School is so stressful :(

  2. We regularly wait 2-3 hours to see our GP for an appt, and I waited in the ER for 6 hours before seeing anyone when I had pneumonia (then another 7 hours in the waiting room). Waiting times suck and I love the idea of a buzzer system.... and if they're 30 minutes or more late, you get a free cookie or something :)

    I hope you're doing okay and the Neuro is kind! x

    1. Ah, it's crazy isn't it! You'd think they'd learn not to book appointments in 5 minute increments or something. The ER is always terrible - they definitely don't operate at an emergency pace haha!

      Thanks for stopping by, Tracey! I'm going to have to have a read of your blog :)


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