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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What to Buy at iHerb - My iHerb Favourites

Engagement Photoshoot - Centennial Park - Lucie Zeka
One more photo from our Engagement Shoot because I'm obsessed
It's no secret that I'm obsessed with iHerb. It is my go-to for gluten free products and it saves me an absolute fortune each month. 

I get hundreds of people visiting Southern In-Law each week by searching for something relating to (hello! do say Hi!) and I have had many reader-requests sent in asking for my list of iHerb favourites.... and ask and you shall receive, my dears! 

So here it goes, my list of Must-have iHerb Buys 

Protein Plus Peanut Flour - iHerb Favorites
Protein Plus Peanut Flour
I haven't been able to find a protein powder I can eat with my intolerances, however, Peanut Flour is the perfect all-natural protein powder alternative. 

1 serving contains 16g of protein and it is incredibly delicious. I use peanut flour in my protein muffins, as a spread (mix it with some maple syrup, a pinch of salt and a bit of water), mixed into yogurt, made into protein pancakes, added into smoothies and in so many different things. 

It's one of my favourite all time iHerb finds and something I get with every order! 

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats
What would I do without my friend Bob? I have always been oat obsessed - as a child I loved homemade muesli bars and instant oatmeal and then as I got older I discovered oatmeal made from scratch and fell in love.

When I found out regular oats contained gluten - I was devestated. I tried the horrible rice flakes and wannabe replacements but it just wasn't the same. 

Then Bob saved the day with his Gluten Free Oats and I have been eating them ever since! They're the star of many of my recipes and I eat them at least 5 times a week - if not daily.

These oats are definitely a must have item for any gluten free-er - because what's a life without oatmeal?!

Earth Balance Crunchy Peanut Butter with Flaxseeds
I love, love, love this peanut butter! It is one of the chunkiest peanut butters I have ever had and has a delicious flavour thanks to the added flax and agave.

It also has some nutritional pluses as it's low GI and contains 20% of your Daily intake of Omega 3 ALA.

I love using it on peanut butter sandwiches, spread ontop of muffins or breakfast bakes or dolloped on top of oatmeal. I really want to try Earth Balance's Coconut Peanut Butter - so that's on Jesse's Must Buy Kristy grocery list! ;P 

Bob's Red Mill Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal
Another favourite from Bob! This is a favourite iHerb buy for both Jesse and I. This is what we use 90% of the time in our Creamy Grits Recipe and I also love using it in baking, pancakes and as a simple hot cereal base. 

It's made from a mixture of wholegrain brown rice, corn, sorghum and buckwheat which gives it a delicious flavour and it's perfect for both sweet or savoury toppings. I've used it as a sub for cornmeal to make multigrain cornbread and I love using it in pancakes. 

Billington's Light Brown Muscovado Unrefined Cane Sugar - iHerb Favorites
Billington's Light Muscovado Unrefined Cane Sugar
This is the sugar I use for all of my baking. It has a delicious vanilla flavour and is completely unrefined. 

As it's unrefined I find it has a way better flavour that regular sugar as it still contains the natural sugar cane molasses. I also find that you don't need quite as much sugar as it has so much flavour (though I would sub it 1 for 1 if you have a sweet tooth - I don't!)

It's perfect for baking and cooking whether you're making cookies, cakes, candy, sauces or using it in a seasoning rub.

Alter Eco Ruby Red Rice - iHerb FavoritesAlter Eco Ruby Red Rice
I love this rice for it's nutty flavour, colour and almost wholegrain texture. It manages to be both fluffy and still have a nice bite to it. The ruby red rice is fair trade, organic and a whole heirloom grain from Thailand. 

It's a perfect substitute for any type of rice and I love eating it on it's own or with simple flavours as the rice has such a nice flavour itself. 

iHerb Coupon - Coupon

Don't forget! You can save $10 on your first order at iHerb just by using the code above (OTO868). Don't worry, if you're from Australia, the shipping is ridiculous inexpensive - and you will find that even with shipping, you're saving so much more money than if you shopped at a health food store!

These are just some of my favourite buys. I also love; Enjoy Life Perky's Crunchy Flax Cereal, Enjoy Life Cinnamon Raisin Crunch Granola, Made in Nature Organic Dried Apples, Multigrain Gluten Free Puffins and so much more.

So tell me, what are your favourite iHerb buys? 
or if you've never bought anything from iHerb - what do you want to try?



  1. Thank you for this interesting post. I enjoyed your previous one too.
    Have you tried the Freedom Foods uncontaminated oats or Crunchola they make out of those oats? I'm wondering if you can tolerate them.

    I really miss oats; I remember as a child I used to just eat them dry by the spoon! Serious addiction!
    I love shopping on iherb too.

    1. You're most welcome, Margaret!

      I haven't tried the Freedom Foods uncontaminated oats or their crunchola as they still contain gluten (unfortunately!) and I was advised by my doctors as I am so sensitive to gluten (even traces make me sick).

      I love oats so Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Oats are a must-have in my house! I love them raw, cooked, ground, steel cut - anyway possible!

    2. Sorry but I don't understand the difference between the Freedom Foods and Bob's Red Mill brands if they are both grown and processed in oat only facilities and are not contaminated with wheat, rye, etc.
      What makes Bob's Red Mill different?

    3. Hi Margaret,
      The Bob's Red Mill oats are grown in an uncontaminated field whilst the Freedom Food oats are grown in a field that also grows gluten contaminated grains - meaning they're not entirely gluten free and thus contain traces of gluten (this is why their packages don't say gluten free).

      The Bob's Red Mill oats also undergo multiple testings with a R5 ELISA gluten test which ensures they have absolutely no trace of gluten. They're then processed in a gluten free facility.

      I have a couple of friends who have tried the Freedom Foods oats and had reactions and then had no reaction to the Bob's Red Mill Oats - so there's certainly a difference.

      There is the possibility that a very small percentage (about 10-20%) of coeliacs are also intolerant of oats, however, that really depends on the individual. My doctors ran tests and found the BRM oats had no effect :D

    4. Thank you so much for explaining all that Kristy. Suppose I've got to buy some of Bob's oats now! :-) Happy

  2. One day I'm going to make a huge purchase- I just hate buying online. I wish we had an Iherb outlet store ;) I like to touch and suss out the packages haha.

    But thank you very much for doing this! I will bookmark it and use it as my shopping list hehe

    1. You are so welcome, lovely! If you need any other tips you have my email address!

      I wish they had an iHerb outlet too - but I'd spend way too much money! iHerb is seriously the most reliable online store and everything always comes in perfect condition with long use by dates (you can actually find the use by date info on each item's page).

      If you make a big order you also save on shipping! Up to 90% off shipping means I usually only pay about $10 to ship my stuff all the way here!


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