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Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogger Insecurities: A Reader Question

Hi loves, last night I got a really interesting email from a reader (who I've asked if I can share this) that I think really needs to be shared. So here it goes... 

"Hi Kristy, I'm a blogger and I'm in need of some advice. I've been writing my blog for a while but I feel like I'm out of my depth. All these other blogs have hundreds of thousands of comments, facebook likes, twitter followers and it seems like everyone loves them, but no matter how hard I try my blog never does the same.

I spend hours writing posts, taking pictures, writing recipes, following other bloggers and trying to interact with them but it seems like they don't even know me. I love your blog and read every day and you seem so down to earth and I thought you could help me. 

How are you so confident about your blog?"
Edited to take out her name and details

Now, I want to stop right there. One thing I think all bloggers need to realise is that your blog is not about comments or followers or likes. If that's the reason you write a blog - no one's going to read it. Sure, the comments and people you meet through your blog are an incredible part of blogging - but that's not all. 

Is there any blogger that's 100% confident about what they do on their blog 24/7? I don't think so - we're all human - we have those doubts and insecurities about ourselves and what we do. 

Something else I think is important to note that this lovely reader emailed me saying I love your blog and read every day - but I have never received a comment from her or heard from her before. This isn't nasty whatsoever, what I'm trying to show you is that - whilst you may not receive many comments on your blog, that says nothing for who is reading your blog. 

The most important thing for me in writing Southern In-Law is that I can share my passions and the things I love most in life. Sure, I love getting comments/emails/messages/tweets from you guys, but I know that sometimes you just don't have the time - and neither do I! I often read blog posts and don't get a chance to leave a comment - but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the post any less. 

Bloggers reading Southern In-Law, now's the time to stop the comparison game. I write Southern In-Law - and you write your blog - we're too different people, so just as our hair doesn't part the same and we may have different interests - our blogs are different too. 

Blogging has allowed me to meet some of the most incredible people - blogging friends that have become true friends - and it has enabled me to have some amazing experiences. The reason why I blog is not for the "blogger fame" or to have hundreds of thousands of comments - it's because I'm doing something I genuinely enjoy. 

I know there are lots of you that will read this post and not leave a comment - but that's okay. The ones who take the time to leave a comment fill my heart with joy and I genuinely appreciate those comments - but I also appreciate anyone who takes the time to read Southern In-Law and my ramblings posts. For those of you that make one of my recipes and tell me how much you enjoy it, you put the biggest smile on my face - but there's also a smile on my face knowing that there may be plenty of other ovens and plates and bowls holding those same dishes, right across the world. 

So let's change how we think. Blogging isn't about comments, followers, likes or statistics - it should be about sharing something you genuinely love. Those things are just the bonus - but remember, not everyone likes to comment. 

So tell me, are you a blogger? Do you have these insecurities?
If you're a reader, tell me - what do you like to see in a blog?

And one last thing - thank you, for reading this :) 



  1. A great post! I'm one of those readers that will read your blog posts daily, but rarely comment. Most of the time this is just due to the lack of time, but i also know how great it does feel to comment and hear back from the blogger so do try and do it as often as i can.

    In a blog i love to see sincerity, which you absolutely have. I love seeing photos and new ideas, recipes and content. I love reading about your life - reading blogs is like living a little bit through other people so seeing how you go about your daily life is interesting. Specifically on this blog, i LOVE the gluten free product reviews and recipes - i've lived GF for over 8 years now and still sometimes struggle with things to cook, so love the inspiration.

    Keep up the great work Kristy and all other bloggers out there!!

    Victoria :)

    1. Hi Victoria,
      Thank you! I totally understand the lack of time to comment - I know I often find myself reading a post or making a recipe and forgetting to leave a comment. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post, though! :)

      I'm so glad you love Southern In-Law - it means the world! I definitely agree with you that reading a blog lets you see the world in someone elses shoes for a little while - and I think that's why there's so many blogs out there!

      Now that Jesse's on his way back home, you can expect lots more life posts! As well as gluten free products, recipes and more!

      Thank you so much, Victoria - you're a sweetheart! :)

    2. And also, we're hoping to share some gluten free travel tips very soon as I know there are lots of people that have been asking! :)

  2. Yay, thanks so much! It really is so fun to read a comment back from a blogger, so thank you. :)


  3. What a great post, Kristy. I am a blogger too (as you know), and this is totally true. I felt so insecure about my blog, but I realized later on that people do read your blogs but just don't comment. As long as I know people are reading what I write, I'm perfectly fine. Blogging is really about the experience of meeting other bloggers too, that have the same interests as you.
    Also, I love how you are so sincere and how you're just being yourself on the blog. Thanks again for posting this. =)

    1. Thank you Helen, you're so sweet! :)

      Blogging is definitely about meeting and connecting with other people - it's incredible how many bloggers and readers I have met who I feel are "just like me" - whilst here at home, I have very few friends with those same interests.

  4. I am a blogger and I love your posts! :-) but as you say, it is about the joy of writtting, not the comments. Keep blogging.

  5. This is something we all need reminding of from time to time. Thanks for posting. :)

    1. Definitely, Mary! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! xx

  6. Plenty of truth to this post, lovely!
    I find it to be incredibly uplifting when someone tells me they've enjoyed reading something in particular on my blog, and I had no idea they even followed my daily posts. I don't comment as much as I'd like, and many people probably don't even know how in the first place (or even think to).
    I think the most important thing is that we do it because we love it. Not for the #s. I enjoyed reading what you had to say here and totally agree.

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I agree, it does make such a difference when you know people are appreciating your posts - but people don't always have time to comment!

      If you're blogging for the numbers, what's the point! It becomes a chore - so passion and love are incredibly important.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! xx


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