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Sunday, March 24, 2013

He's Coming Home!

Jesse's finally coming home and moving to Sydney!

Can I get a hallejulah?! After all of the dramas and our traveling nightmare - he is finally coming home. 

This time, he's moving home - for good! It feels like he has always been here and our whole family has been missing him like crazy since he left. 

His flight is scheduled to land in Sydney at 9:55am and I will soon be on my way to the airport to get him for the last time - complete with my family and cheesy welcome sign and balloon.  ;) 

Poster Candy Print - Instagram Print
But I also wanted to share something I shall be surprising Jesse with when he gets home - a Poster Candy print for our bedroom!

I love me some Instagram - and the @southerninlaw Instagram feed is full of pictures of us, our travels and adventures and our family. Poster Candy lets you take those photos straight off Instagram and put them into a collage that will be printed. 

You can choose different sizes and your collage can contain between 12 to 176 pictures. Prices range from $19.95 to $49.95 for the prints and they fit perfectly in ikea frames (I bought the NYTTJA frame from ikea which was just $6 - making the total cost just $31!

I put it up in our bedroom (yes, we have pink walls - Jesse actually likes them! the picture doesn't do them justice as they're a red/pink) so he'll see it as soon as he gets home! 

The Poster Candy prints are super easy to order - and they're a great way to display your favourite Instagram pictures. To order, just head to the site and select which size you like. Choose your photos and their position and add it to cart and you're good to go! The prints will be delivered to your door, safetly pack in a tube so all you have to do is unroll them and put them in a frame! 

I ordered the 40x50cm print with 42 pictures ($24.95) and they're the perfect size to see each picture. The quality of the prints is exceptional - which is surprising considering they're pictures uploaded to instagram (and taken on my iPad that has a shocking camera!).

I can see these prints being perfect for Mums and Dads, weddings, parties, special events - and especially travelling! I can't wait til we can commemorate our travels with a print like this!

So tell me, are you an Instagram addict?
Leave me your @username so I can follow you! (oh wow.. stalkerish :P)



  1. Love that poster...such a sweet idea! I need to do something with my instagram pictures!

    1. Thank you! I love it - and Jesse commented on it the second he walked into our bedroom. I love how you can put together so many different pictures.

  2. Aww.....the poster's really cute! :) I'm so glad I've never had these kinda of nightmares with airlines (and I actually fly Qantas all the time!)- I'd be so frustrated!!

    When I saw the picture of your poster candy print, I thought the pink was part of the frame looks great though!

    Hope you guys are having an awesome time now :)

    1. Thank you! It fits perfectly with our room - Jesse loves it.

      Oh you're lucky! We have never ever had this much drama - or bad customer service. I've been a regular flyer since I was probably a newborn and Qantas have always had excellent customer service and been on time - but apparently not anymore.

      Haha no, the pink is just our crazy coloured room ;P We're thinking of painting it a neutral colour scheme - but it's been bright for so long we're almost scared too, haha :P

  3. So cute that you made a poster! I made Brandon a poster when he arrived home in September, and he says he'll always remember it! I am instagram obsessed, too. My username is meredithro

    :) Hope you had a great weekend together, you deserve it!

    1. Well, we had a welcome home balloon too - but then my mum managed to let go of it when hugging Jesse and it is probably still sitting pretty at the airport :P

      I have followed you on instagram! :)


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