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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jesse!

Kristy Sayer and Jesse Jones

Happy Birthday to the man who makes me smile
to the one who always knows how to make me laugh
to the one who I can be 100% myself around 
to the one who doesn't laugh when I burst into song over a word
to the one who leaves me with two inches of space in bed
to the one I stalked over myspace and managed to make fall in love with me
to the one who taste tests everything that comes out of the kitchen
to the one who has fallen inlove with healthy eating
to the one who drives me crazy with his WoW obsession
to the one who is just in love with Chanel as much as I am
to the one who is still obsessed with Pokemon and Dragonball Z
to the one who doesn't complain about my food intolerances
to the one who brushes his teeth because he doesn't want to make this coeliac sick
to the one who eats gluten free food just to make things easier
to the one who is just as content as I am spending the day together doing nothing
to the one who fixes everything that needs fixing 
to the one who doesn't laugh when I say the thingamajig is broken
to the one who never gave up on me
to the one who always encourages me to do anything I set my mind to
to the one who understands my made up words and terms 
to the one who gets me even when I don't get myself
to the one who just moved 10,000 miles to be with me forever
to the one who my family have taken in as their own
to the one who I know will stick with me through everything
to the one who I am marrying on October 12th, 2013
to my best friend.

I love you Jesse Jones, 
Happy Birthday <3


  1. What a sweet poem for him! :D Happy Birthday to Jesse :)

  2. This made me teary! I love it :) Ps. I want a wedding update! AHHH so excited for you.

    Pps. this took a lot of effort- I hate your goddamn captcha thing and having to write my deets in everytime hahaha :P #lazygirlproblems

    1. A wedding update will be coming soon! :D

      What?! A captcha still?!

    2. As for entering you details - try Open ID, it's a lifesaver!

  3. Happy birthday Jesse!

    Victoria :)

  4. Adorable post! Happy birthday Jesse! I think our boys share the same birthday!! April 3?

    1. They do! How funny! Another blogger, Kloe, also celebrated her man's birthday on the 3rd too.


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