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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Having A Bad Day?

Watch this video.

You'll realise that nothing in your day is really that bad. 
As Shane says, there are things in everyone's life that blow...

I've been following Shane's blog for quite some time and his attitude to life amazes me. The power of laughter is totally clear with Shane's blog and it's something we can apply to all of our lives. 

Do you know what, on the weekend, Jesse and I put together a flat pack set of drawers. It was disaster after disaster after disaster. Jesse didn't listen to me and all of a sudden we were unscrewing drawers and starting over. We finally finished and I asked Jesse to put the drawers in to test it out  - only to find that the drawer wouldn't go in. Jesse pushed the drawer in and it stuck. We unscrewed the drawers all over again so we could get the stuck drawer out and we fixed the entire thing - only to take it into our bedroom and find it wouldn't fit. We dismantled our entire wardrobe in order to get the drawers in, only to find our wardrobe is wider at the front and it wouldn't fit. 

But you know what we did? We laughed ourselves stupid the entire time - and we shoved that set of drawers so hard into the wardrobe that it stayed - and now they're perfect. 

This is nothing compared to Shane's situation, but it's an example. Think about the above situation if we got mad or annoyed at eachother - it would have been an entirely different outcome. Our drawers would still be half put together, we'd be cranky at one another and our wardrobe would still be overstuffed and a pain to find things in. A huge difference just because we laughed

So the next time you go to get mad/sad/angry/cranky/frustrated - think about it. Is it really a big deal? Is it worth it?

Change starts with you - just think of the difference you could make to the world around you if you just changed your attitude.

Tell me, when's the last time you laughed really hard?

And if you didn't watch that video through to the end, do yourself a favour and watch it - or bookmark it and watch it later. You'll thank me later.

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