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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our New Favourite Cafe - DARE, The Rocks

DARE Cafe - The Rocks - Gluten Free Food Sydney

You know, I'm one of those people. When I get excited about something - I tell everyone. I'll tell you about my new Chocolate Protein Breakfast Bakes that I'm addicted to (and that I'm desperately in need of cocoa powder to make more as I've eaten two batches in a week), I'll tell you all about the cafe I went to that had amazing peppermint tea, I'll tell you about the new store I found that has gorgeous and affordable clothes - heck, I will even give you the things I'm raving about. 

It's true, when I'm sent things for the blog (or just buy things from the store), I don't keep them all to myself - I give some to family and friends so that they can try it and give me their opinions too. When I got a delicious delivery of Cadbury Philadelphia, I sent my sister's friend home with some to share with her family - only to be sent a picture a few hours later of Lily licking her lips with a big thumbs up for the Cadbury Philly. 

It's not just because I blog that I share things - I'm just that kind of person. I love getting recommendations from family, friends and blog readers and I love sharing fabulous things I find so that others can enjoy them too. 

DARE in The Rocks is one of these things.. 

DARE Cafe - The Rocks - Gluten Free Food Sydney - Vegan - Allergy Friendly

With Coeliac Disease and all of my food intolerances, the most I usually order in a cafe or restaurant is tea (but even then I've gotten sick from cross contamination!). Jesse hates that we can't go out to eat and enjoy a meal together and he hates looking across the table while he's eating to see me sitting there with nothing (or eating something out of my handbag)

DARE totally changed that. DARE is a coeliac paradise - actually, it's paradise for many people with allergies or intolerances. For once, there were only a few things on the menu that I couldn't eat. If I didn't have any intolerances (other than a gluten allergy) there would have been even more options that I could have eaten. I didn't have to fear that I'd be sick hours later as Lee, the owner, assured me that they have entirely different preparation areas, utensils and equipment for gluten free items. 

If you look into their kitchen, you'll see the blue utensils and equipment - they're all to keep coeliacs from hating their lives in a couple of hours. DARE get cross contamination - and they get allergies and intolerances. If for some reason there's nothing you can eat on the menu or in the display case, they'll whip something up for you that you can eat. 

Plus, they make a damn good peppermint tea.

DARE Cafe - The Rocks - Gluten Free Food Sydney - Spinach and Ricotta Frittata

My choice from the display case was this Spinach and Ricotta Frittata (that I kinda sorta already took a bite of before taking a photo of - heh). All food at DARE is preservative and additive free - it's clean, delicious, healthy food. 

Obviously this quiche is not egg free or dairy free, but it is gluten free and I can vouch that there was no cross contamination as this sensitive coeliac was perfectly fine! 

The Frittata was ah-maze-ing. I don't know how they did it (I told Jesse it had to be laced with crack because it was so good) but it was the tastiest, most delicious thing I have had in a long time - and usually I don't like anything with whole eggs as I can taste them straight away. I could have taken home the entire tray and eaten them for a week straight.

DARE Cafe - The Rocks - Gluten Free French Toast and Bacon

But what about Jesse? As you know, Jesse often eats gluten free - but he still eats regular bread. After taking a bite into this french toast (the picture is pre-maple syrup covering) Jesse proclaimed that it was the "Best French Toast I Have Ever Had!". No sooner did he say that, Lee came over and let him know it was actually gluten free - and Jesse couldn't believe it. 

It was fluffy, crispy and delicious and Jesse has been talking about it ever since. 

The French Toast is a new addition to the menu as Lee is experimenting with some "American Style" breakfasts (to which Jesse said he can surely advise her on) done in a clean, preservative and additive free way. 

DARE is also the only place in Sydney which has Gluten Free Kebabs (doner kebab style) so if you are a previous gluten eater who is missing out on your old favourite - or you're sick of drooling over your friends' kebabs, you better get down to the rocks!

DARE Cafe - The Rocks - Gluten Free Desserts and Sweets Sydney

But not only do DARE do amazing savoury food and breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinners - they also make incredible gluten free sweets!

We took home a bunch of sweets to share with family and friends. The Chocolate Brownie is incredible (though just a little too sweet for me, the hypoglycemic without a sweet tooth) and my Dad proclaimed the Ginger Slice as the most incredible thing I've eaten in a long long time. I then told him it was gluten free and he thought I was lying. 

The Raw Balls on the right are a new addition as Lee and her team try to create more raw dishes. These have dates, mango, nuts and cacao and they looked incredible (I was wishing they didn't have mango so I could bite into them!)

So make sure you "like" their Facebook page so you can drool over their incredible food (and pay them a visit to eat that incredible food!)

DARE - The Rocks 
12/20 Playfair Street

The Rocks NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9251 1445
(They also have a store in Balgowlah)
But tell me, do you have a favourite restaurant or cafe?
and What's your favourite breakfast/brunch item to order when eating out?

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Kristy and Jesse ate as guests of  DARE. No compensation was received for this review and all opinions expressed are their own. 


  1. Hi,

    I struggle with eating out too - more often that not i eat something that i've prepared at home (no chances of it affecting me that way!) or have a simple salad.

    My fav place is a gluten free shop about 20 mins outside of Melbourne. Called Absolutely Gluten Free and it's like a supermarket for coeliacs and people with food intolerances. They have so much choice and everything is labelled to show low fructose, no dairy etc (everything is gluten free.) They have also just opened up a cafe with all gluten free (and other allergy free) treats and drinks.

    Would love to try Dare, will pop it on my wish list for my next Sydney trip!

    Victoria :)

    1. I have head so many people tell me about Absolutely Gluten Free and I will have to check it out next time I'm in Melbourne!

      DARE is great - and in a gorgeous part of Sydney!

  2. I ate there a couple of times when I lived in Sydney and liked it :-) Always a win to find a place to caters to those who are GF!

    1. A super win, Heather! Especially when the food is delicious for everyone!

  3. All those meals look soooo yummy!!!! And fresh! Wish I was close so I could try it!! Thanks for sharing though!

    1. If you're ever in Sydney, we'll have to meet there for something yum! ;)

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