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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Stay at the Swissotel Sydney

Chocolate Covered Strawberries at the Swissotel Sydney
Needless to say, Jesse was sold when these
strawberries were brought up to our room
If you follow Southern In-Law on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (or even our newsletter), you'll already know that this weekend past, Jesse and I spent the night at the Swissotel Sydney

We arrived at the hotel on Saturday afternoon, pulling up out the front of the hotel on Market Street and having our car taken to the off-site parking lot by their valet parking service ($55 for 24 hrs parking or $35 for self parking - but it is so worth the extra $20 for 24 hours as traffic in Sydney can be terrible!)

When we went up to the lobby area, there was a pianist playing (and it sounded divine) and we checked in at reception where we were given our room keys and taken to our room. 

Swissotel Sydney Executive Club Room
Our room at the Swissotel Sydney - one of their Executive Club Rooms
The room was quite spacious for a hotel room - with a bed, closet, lounge, desk, tv unit and side tables. 

Swissotel Sydney Executive Club Room - King Bed

We're picky with beds (because our bed is ahhhhmazing) but the bed was super comfortable. Jesse even though it rivaled our bed at home.

The only thing I didn't like is that there was only a comforter/doona/quilt on the bed and no sheets. Jesse liked that - but I'm a cold bug so the more blankets the better ;P 

Swissotel Sydney Executive Club Room - BathroomSwissotel Sydney Executive Club Room - Bathroom and Shower

The bathroom was gorgeous with lots of lighting, space and a huge shower. Though... do make sure you seal the shower door properly as the water is positioned right at the door (I thought this was a little odd) and you may end up having to build an ark if you're not careful.

Swissotel Sydney Executive Club Room - Bathroom and Bathtub

Bath lovers rejoice as there's also a large bath in the bathroom so you can relax while soaking in the tub. 

Swissotel Sydney Executive Club Room - Bathroom and Purovel Amenities

But what about the bathroom amenities? The Swissotel have their own range with Purovel body wash, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, soap, sewing kits, nail files, dental kit and even shoe polish - so you're covered if you forget something for the night (as Jesse did).

Swissotel Sydney Executive Club Room - The View from our Room

We had quite a nice view from the room too, looking out at the city with Centrepoint Tower right in front, water glimpses to the left and plenty to look at. 

Swissotel Sydney - Room Service MenuSwissotel Sydney - Room Service Menu - Vitality Program

I was really impressed with the Swissotel's Healthy and Allergy Friendly Options. The room service menu was coded with gluten free, vegetarian, lactose free and pork-free options. 

Their Vitality program is a new addition with a Weekly Program with guided walks through the city during the week (I wish they had this during the weekend so we could have seen how they do it!) and healthy, seasonal menu options available on the room service menu. There is also a gymnasium, saunas and heated pool.

Swissotel Sydney - Executive Club LoungeSwissotel Sydney - Executive Club Lounge

Swissotel Sydney - Executive Club Lounge - Tea and Coffee
Tea lovers heaven!
As we were staying in an executive room, we also had access to the Executive Club Lounge were we chilled out for a little while. I loved that the executive had bookshelves lined with books and magazines and I could have easily stayed in there for hours with a good book and sipping on their selection of Lipton teas.

The Executive Club has complimentary drinks (both hot and cold) and snacks (this afternoon it was scones with jam and cream - no gluten free options, unfortunately) and there is also complimentary wifi, newspapers, a buffet breakfast in the morning and pre-dinner drinks and canapes in the evening. 

It was a nice, quiet place to sit and relax with a view of the Crossroads Bar downstairs where they were having a high tea. I heard that the high tea is actually gluten free friendly, so it's definitely something I want to check out! Especially as I've been wanting to go to a high tea for what feels like forever!

All of the staff we came across during our stay were lovely - and that's so important when you're staying away from home. You want to feel welcome - not like you're a pain to the people there.

Swissotel Sydney - Executive Club RoomSwissotel Sydney - Executive Club Room - Travel Magazines

We then went back to the room to chill out before our dinner reservation at 6pm. We'd had a busy week so the downtime was perfect. I probably shouldn't have been reading travel magazines though - as I'm now dreaming of tropical escapes and exotic vacations. 

Swissotel Sydney - JPB Restaurant - Gluten Free

Before we knew it, it was time for dinner at JPB Restaurant (which stands for Just Pure Bistro)..... but I'll tell you more about that in another post! 
 But tell me, what's your favourite part about staying away from home? 

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Kristy and Jesse stayed as Guests of the Swissotel Sydney. No compensation was received for this review and all opinions expressed are their own. Only a complimentary one night stay and dinner at JPB was provided.


  1. That bed looks like HEAVEN!! Looks like a great place to stay :)

    1. Oh it was squishy, marshmallowy heaven. I had to resist the urge to jump on it right away before taking the picture ;P

  2. That hotel is absolutely gorgeous!!

  3. looks amazing! I'd say the best part about staying away from home is feeling like you're on an adventure, and going out to fun!

    1. Oh I agree, that's definitely the best part - being in a new environment!

  4. Oh wow! I'd love to stay thee, looks lovely :) was it for something special in particular? x

    1. Nothing in particular, just a chance to get out and enjoy the lovely city! Originally we were invited by the Swissotel on the week of Jesse's birthday which would've been awesome, but we were so busy!

      I take any excuse for a break ;P


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