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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Weekend That Was

Love Heart on a Clothesline

What gorgeous weather Sydney brought out this weekend! It was warm, sunny and the perfect temperature - not too hot, not too cold!

This weekend was nice and relaxed. On Saturday I was feeling terrible with insane headaches and nausea that wouldn't go away, but luckily I took a quick walk to the chemist down the road and grabbed a migrastick which seemed to do the trick! Whowouldathunk that would be the solution when painkillers, nausea tablets and every other remedy didn't work at all. I usually have peppermint oil at home for nausea and headaches as I find it works really well - though Jesse seems to think I'm a little bit loco for going with the "hippie" remedies.

Luckily I was feeling better because Jesse and I dashed off for a train ride into the city to meet with a videographer for our wedding! Now all we need is a second shooter/assistant and we're set to go. 

Guinea Pig

The surprise of our relaxed weekend was finding this little guy in our front yard. 

Catching a Guinea Pig
Lily trying to search for the
guinea pig in the bushes
Now, I say finding but I really mean chasing this little guy in our front yard. You see, my sister and her lovely friend Lily were heading out the front door (yes, in their pajamas, they had a sleepover) when Lily spotted the guinea pig run across the lawn. 

The little guy then ducked into the bushes to hide and we tried to catch him so that we could take him to the vet to hopefully find his owners - though the guinea pig had other ideas.

A half hour chase and stake out followed as the guinea pig buried himself in the bushes (and we didn't want to leave it there in case it was eaten by a dog/fox/cat/possum or it ran onto the road). Luckily Lily spotted it hidden in the bushes and climbed on in there to grab it. 
Finding a lost Guinea Pig

We soon got it safetly secured in a box and calmed it down before taking it to the vet.

Truth be known, I am kind of chicken when it comes to animals and I was very apprehensive about touching it - but it was definitely someones' pet as it was friendly and relaxed with us petting it. 

For those of you who aren't sure, a guinea pig is I guess what you'd call an Australian Hamster ;P Though much bigger. It's a type of "rodent" and a common small pet like you'd have a rabbit.

We've only had a cat, fish, 2 budgies and a dog - never any rabbits or other animals so I wasn't wanting to keep this little guy. My sister on the other hand, would probably keep a mouse if it came into the house - so she named it Geraldine and had this fantasy in her head that it wouldn't find its owner and she'd get to keep it. 

That didn't happen.The Southern In-Law house is crazy enough without another pet!

This week is a busy week for us! Jesse has the day off tomorrow so I'm planning on taking some time off work and going to see a movie with him. Then on Wednesday we're going Bridesmaid dress shopping with my Sister, Mum and Aunty Lyn (which hopefully is successful!)

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So tell me, how was your weekend? and what do you have planned this week?

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  1. Sounds like a very busy weekend! Would love to see pics of the bridesmaids dresses and wedding details, all so exciting.

    Victoria :)

    1. Hey Victoria! I will definitely be sharing lots of pics - both in the newsletter and on the blog!

  2. Can't wait for the newsletter, very excited :)

  3. I remember when I was younger we babysat guinea pigs- they are adorable. Ginger was definitely 'my one' and I'd dress it up and take photos of it haha!

    With the newsletter, do you have to subscribe to receive it? I bookmark all the blogs I read and try to minimise the emails I get for subscriptions (but still read them!) since it stresses me out when I have so many unread ahahah- crazy I know :P

    Ps. Do you by any chance do blog designing? I want a revamp and I knew you had KISS and your blog looks amazing!

    1. Of that's so cute hahaha!

      The newsletter you do have to subscribe to see, however, I'll also post a link on Facebook/Twitter :)

      And yes! I can revamp your blog - will send you an email :)


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