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Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Weekend, a la Instagram - 11-12th May, 2013

Sydney Traffic Building a Herb Patch - Bunnings Warehouse

I've received lots of requests from readers asking if I'd post regular every day posts - especially as I don't often post on a weekend. So, I decided that a weekly weekend recap was due!  Now, you have to know - we're actually really boring - but you'll see that!

My Saturday morning was spent prepping food for friends who were coming over for dinner - couscous was made, eggs boiled, potatoes cut and boiled, veggies cut, pumpkin roasted and then we headed out to buy some Mother's Day gift supplies!

The rest of our morning/day was spent at Bunnings Warehouse, finding the supplies for our Mother's Day present for my beautiful Mama. 

We decided to build her her own little herb patch and set out to find the perfect pot, herbs and supplies. 

Herbs on the go

We walked away with our wallets a little lighter and herbs and supplies stuffed into the car (my Dad's car is always full thanks to work tools in the boot) 

Chobani Avocado Dip

Our friends cancelled at the last minute, however, we had way too much food for the five of us - so I quickly called the neighbours and invited them over for dinner!

In the end, we had a lovely night - with a Chobani Avocado Dip (Jesse is obsessed and even my yogurt hating sister loves it!), Couscous Salad , Mayo-less creamy potato salad (recipes to come for everything!), steaks, grilled chicken and my secretly healthy double chocolate brownies made into a cake with Cadbury philadelphia cream cheese frosting on top for dessert.

Gluten Free Vegemite - Mighty Mite on ToastSick Kristy

Sunday I woke up feeling queasy, so it was my old fix (turned gluten free) of Vegemite Mighty Mite on Toast and a big cup of peppermint tea. 

Unfortunately my old fix didn't work very well and I felt terrible for the whole day. 

Building a Mini Herb Patch

Jesse and I didn't exactly read the instructions on the pot sealer, but when we did - we found we then needed to do at least 2 coats of the sealer, waiting 4 hours in between and then another 48 hours after that. 

Sooooooo... we sealed the pot - and left the actual building of the herb garden to another day. 

Chanel Paige - Shitzu cross ChihuahuaRelaxing outside in the sun with The Nanny Returns, Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin

My queasiness didn't ease up so I spent the rest of my Sunday snuggling with my little love and laying in the sun reading my book (currently reading Nanny Returns by Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin) whilst Jesse helped my Dad do things around the house and played the dreaded WoW. 

Jesse had to wake up at 5am this morning so I was the perfect wife-to-be and made him and my Dad breakfast and lunch (FYI, the Chicken Bacon Rice Bowl makes a perfect hot lunch on the go - and so easy!) ready to go in the morning. 

That all sounds fine..... until I dropped one of the thermos bowls on the floor and we had chicken and bacon rice eveeeeeeeeeeeerywhere but the bowl. So I quickly whipped up something else for my Dad - mixing a small can of tuna with napolitana/marinara pasta sauce I had made and put in the fridge and adding in a cup of pre-cooked brown rice. 

Socks for Gloves

It has been getting really cold in the mornings here and as I walk outside of a morning (I seriously need a treadmill) I put on as many layers as possible.

This morning I couldn't find any mittens or gloves and my hands were freezing - so I left the house with socks on my hands, pulled all the way up to my elbows. It worked - though I seriously need new gloves!

Vitamin B6 Toxicity - Sensory Neuropathy

This morning I headed off to a doctor's appointment where I found out that I'm not actually crazy and the numbness and weakness I have been feeling throughout my body actually has a real cause.

See that B6 level up there? That star is there for a very good reason. You should have between 35-110 nmol/L of Vitamin B6 in your body. I have 6090 nmol/L. 

In other words, my body is hoarding Vitamin B6 and not getting rid of it as it should (B vitamins are water soluble - and you know what that means). The side effects of B6 toxicity is sensory neuropathy which is the loss of feeling in the nerves. Unfortunately this can be irreversible - so we don't know if it will get better. The doctor hopes that we caught it just in time and I am stopping all of the B vitamin supplements I have been on (as well as iron supplements which also have B6). 

The blood test was initially ordered as the doctors suspected that my fatigue and weakness was caused by lack of B-vitamins - but it turns out the opposite is true! As I said to my Mama, I don't like to do things by halves - clearly!

I also still have glandular fever/mono and have had for a year - so the doctor thinks that is still very likely the reason why I suffer from chronic fatigue and bouts of nausea/dizziness. 

Now to stop taking B vitamins and start getting better!

So tell me, what are your plans for the week?
and do you pack your lunch for work/school? what's your favourite?

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  1. I wish I had you on hand to prepare my lunches! Luckily I'm usually at home for lunch, so can have pretty much anything (although it's usually a salad or leftovers) but at school lunch was always a nightmare. It had to be small, easy to eat and not have to be refrigerated or heated. Oh how I dreamt about soups in winter!
    This vitamin issue sounds horrible! I really hope it clears up, I will be thinking of you! xx

    1. Thanks, Aimee! You're a sweetheart!

      I was the fussiest eater when I was at school - I hated sandwiches, didn't like dairy products (bc they wouldn't keep cool enough), hated canteen food and I didn't like snacky foods - so more often than not I had boring lunchbox additions like multigrain vegemite rolls, crackers, vegetable sticks and fruit (which I'd pick at) - and then went home to eat real food haha. My poor mum struggled for years to get me to take enough food to school but eventually gave up and decided she'd have to feed me when I got home instead.

  2. Is it winter there now?? Just curious as here it's Spring time! Also, I'm sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well! This may sound dumb but do you sleep enough and drink enough water? I've noticed that lack of sleep and water (even when you think you're drinking a fair amount) affect me SO MUCH. An extra hour of sleep can make a world of difference during the day!I also had mono in college and thankfully felt better after a few weeks. While I had it though I took naps ALL the time! I think it helped my body heal and get rid of it! Have you tried sleeping more till you no longer need to? Just a thought!

    1. It's Autumn here - but it's super chilly already!

      I do sleep enough and drink a TONNE of water (to the point where my family think I should drink less and I wish I had a camel's bladder ;P) but it does nothing for my fatigue. I can take a nap during the day for a couple of hours - or sleep for 12 hours and wake up feeling exhausted. It's so frustrating and Jesse has now realised he can't tell me to "just sleep" because it really doesn't make a difference.

      I've had mono for over a year now (the doctor thinks it could be even longer as my old doctor never thought to test me for it and my first test a year ago showed that I'd had it for a while) and my body just won't get over it!

      I've gone so far as to spend weekends sleeping and eating (only because I need to) and doing nothing else - but in a silly kind of way, it makes me feel worse because I get so frustrated that I'm still so exhausted.

  3. Hope you are feeling better pretty lady! I can't believe that about the vitamin B, who would have thought?! Glad you found that out! Thinking of you!

    1. I know, right?! I was shocked! It's crazy how toxicity mimics a deficiency!

      Thank you! xo

  4. And speaking of Instagram, we finally jumped on that bandwagon! Be sure to follow us @accentdecorinc for a look behind the scenes and into the daily happenings at Accent Decor.


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