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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Long weekend recap - and the best show we've ever seen!

Fireworks - Saturday Darling Harbour Photobooth - Harbourside Darling Harbour

Kristy and JessePhew! What a weekend we have had! It all started on Friday when we headed into the city for Vivid Sydney - complete with a fireworks show during dinner at Darling Harbour.

And of course, on Friday I also had my wedding hair and makeup trial thanks to the lovely Nieves from Get Threaded so I went out looking and feeling fabulous.

We ended up arriving back home at midnight as the city was incredibly busy and we got stuck in so much traffic.

Bargain Shopping at Birkenhead Point ValleygirlBargain Shopping at Birkenhead Point Valleygirl, Connor, EB Games

Saturday morning we slept in (which is really unusual for us early risers!) and then headed out for a day of shopping at Birkenhead Point (bargain central). Jesse and I did extremely well, with me leaving Valleygirl (seriously my favourite store as they always have smaller sizes) with four bags filled to the brim - and only $109 missing from my wallet (bargainista, I am!). Jesse got some new shirts and jeans from Connor and a new hat. 

Sammy and Finley - Babysitting Saturday NightZiggy the Weimaraner

Then we had to rush back home and eat some dinner before heading out to babysit our two favourite little guys. That dog up there? That's Ziggy, their Weimaraner "puppy" who is huge and has now decided Jesse and I are his friends and always tries to snuggle with us. Why is it that huge dogs always think they're tiny dogs and can squish into the smallest spaces? Ziggy is quite possibly bigger than me and will try and sit on our laps like it's no big deal ;P 

Cavalia Sydney - Entertainment Quarter Moore ParkCavalia Sydney Review - Entertainment Quarter Moore Park

Kristy and Jesse - Cavalia Sydney
On Sunday, we went to see Cavalia which was amazingly incredibly and surpassed our every expectation. It was so good we have talked about it non-stop since we left. 

Cavalia is the most incredible combination of dance, acrobatics, music, visual techniques, costumes, special effects and of course horses - and they even threw in a little bit of comedy. I'll be honest, before we left, Jesse said: "2 hours of guys dancing on horses? fun..."

And ohhhhhhh did he eat his words! 

I have seen quite a few stage shows and the like - but never have I seen anything like Cavalia. Words can't even describe how incredible it is - and the videos on the web and the advertisements totally do not do the show any justice! 

We both decided we would go again and again and again - and I wish my family had have come with us as we can't describe how amazing it is (actually - I wish you all came with us!). If you're a horse lover, you need to see Cavalia as the horses are absolutely divine - and if you're not a horse lover, you need to see Cavalia because you will seriously love it. 

I wish we could have taken photos/videos during the show, but that's not allowed and to be honest - why would you want to take your eyes away from the stage?!

They have just extended the season until June 26 and then the show is heading to Melbourne from July 24th to August 18th. Do yourself a favour and buy tickets and go - regardless of where you sit or who you take with you - go!

Cavalia Sydney Horses - Entertainment Quarter Moore ParkCavalia Sydney Horses - Entertainment Quarter Moore Park

As we were lucky enough to have VIP tickets, we got to go back to the stables after the show and see the horses (as well as meet 2 cast members for pictures/autographs). It was walking through those stables that we realised just how incredible these horses are - whilst they are wild, huge animals, they are so graceful on stage and exceptionally trained - and it's incredible what the horses, trainers and performers can do. 

I feel like I'm gushing, but Cavalia was simply incredible - and worth every cent. I haven't been paid to gush or tell lies, it's only Jesse and my honest opinion - and you couldn't have paid us a million dollars to say otherwise either!

You can buy tickets online at the Cavalia Website - where you'll also find more information on the show. It's no wonder the show has been running for the last 10 years right across the world - and I imagine it will be running for many, many more. 

Monday was, of course, the blog's birthday - and we also headed out for a trip to ikea to look for a new bed for my sister and some other things. The weather then caved in during the afternoon, so we spent the afternoon and evening out of the rain and relaxing at home. 

And today? It's back to work. It feels like a Monday but it's Tuesday (YES! One day closer to the weekend!) and I have an inbox with way too many emails and so much work to do! 

Also, you may have noticed that Southern In-Law is now just!

But tell me, how was your weekend? And what do you have planned for this week? 

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