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Monday, July 22, 2013

Brunch at Third Village Cafe, Darlinghurst

Third Village Cafe Darlinghurst Review - Jesse drinking a Cappucino

Third Village Cafe Review - English Breakfast Tea
English Breakfast Tea $3.50
If you, like me, have food allergies and/or intolerances - you'll know that sometimes it feels like it's impossible to eat out. Worse still if you're a coeliac or someone who suffers from a serious allergy where cross contamination is the difference between a week of being sick and enjoying your meal out. 

Third Village Cafe in Darlinghurst is a bit of a hidden gem for those with allergies. Whilst their menu only actually lists one item as "gluten free", if you ask you'll find they also have gluten free bread available and can make just about anything on the menu gluten free for you.
Unfortunately the bread they use isn't soy free - but neither are breads in most of the cafes and restaurants around Sydney.

If you have other allergies/intolerances and can't eat eggs or dairy or whatever else, there are options for you - and they're more than happy to make any possible changes.

Third Village Cafe Review - Cappucino
Cappucino - $3.5o
Best of all, the cafe is warm and cozy. Jesse and I had to walk all the way from Central Station as the trains were having a bit of a vacay - so when we were sat at the end of the communal table at the front, we were very happy to find the air conditioner was pumping out warm air right on us ;)

The cafe has seating both upstairs and downstairs which varies from small 2 seater tables to a large communal table and tables and chairs can easily be reorganised for bigger groups.

The staff are super friendly, chatting to the customers about their day - and the impression I got of other people eating in the cafe was that Third Village was their local haunt. Coming from the suburbs, we often find that the city lacks a bit of heart - but Third Village Certainly has it. 

Third Village Cafe Review - Gluten Free Protein PorridgeThird Village Cafe Review - Organic Gluten Free Protein Porridge
Gluten Free Protein Porridge with Organic 
Brown Rice, Almonds, Quinoa, Amaranth, Nuts 
& Seeds, Served with Berry Compote and Honey 

Truth be known, we called our visit brunch just so I could eat porridge. We'd actually eaten breakfast before heading into the city - but Jesse thinks eating porridge for lunch is weird.. (Jesse also thinks eating porridge for dinner is weird - I'm trying to school him in the art of Brunch and Brinner).

The protein porridge tasted almost exactly like Brookfarm's Gluten Free Porrij (which I like). I had the berries and honey on the side as I don't like things sweet - and I also can't eat berries other than blueberries (side note, I ate strawberries the other day with no problems - so fingers crossed that's a past food intolerance!! Progress!) 

When ordering porridge in cafes or restaurants - or a similar warm dish - I always find it's best if they warm up the bowl before putting the food in it. That way, once it gets from the kitchen to your table it's not luke warm. Super picky complaint but I've gone out with other people who see this as the be all and end all. Plus... if the bowl is warm, food bloggers have more time to photograph it, eh? 

Third Village Cafe Review - Roasted Chicken Sandwich  with lemon infused  mayonnaise, grilled zucchini, fresh basil, fresh  mint and mixed leaf of Sonoma Sourdough
Roast Chicken Sandwich with lemon infused
mayonnaise, grilled zucchini, fresh basil, fresh
mint and mixed leaf of Sonoma Sourdough.
Jesse decided he'd order lunch rather than breakfast and chose the Chicken Sandwich. Before we left, he'd actually looked at the menu and liked the sound of the Grilled Chicken Sandwich and was a little disappointed when we got there and the menu had changed. 

Whilst he said the sandwich was good - he said it wasn't anything to write home about. Jesse tends to like food with lots of flavour - but not fussy flavour - so the lemon infused mayonnaise and grilled zucchini weren't a big hit. That said, he said the chicken was super moist and delicious - which gets a big thumbs up! 

He was kind of regretting his choice to get lunch over breakfast when he saw breakfast dishes being brought out to other people in the cafe. (Should have listened to me - breakfast is always best!) 

Third Village Cafe Review - Bakery Case

If you feel like something sweet, their bakery case also has a couple of Gluten Free options too - and perhaps, like their menu, has hidden GF options too? 

Would we go back to Third Village? Definitely! I'd love to see them add more gluten free items to the menu (and add gluten free options to their menu as many other GFers might give it a miss just thinking they have one option!) and Jesse is keen to get back for breakfast one weekend. 

All photos were taken with my Canon IXUS 135 (AKA: Little Blue Lou) - because Jesse would shoot me if I lugged my DSLR all the way into the city ;P 

Third Village Cafe Review - Stanley Street Darlinghurst Third Village
80 Stanley Street
Darlinghurst 2010

(02) 9361 5826
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They also have a new cafe in Woolloomooloo on 150 William Street.

Kristy and Jesse dined at Third Village as guests of Third Village. Whilst they did receive their meals free of charge, all opinions are their own and have not been influenced by Third Village in any way. 
But tell me, breakfast or lunch - what do you prefer?
and what's your favourite thing to order when you're out for brunch?

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