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Friday, July 12, 2013

The cat is out of the bag! KISS Freelance Designs

Custom Designed Invitations and Printables - KISS Freelance Designs

And no, there's no Southern In-Law babies on the way! You guys get too excited when I say I have news ;P There will be no SIL Baby announcement for at least a couple of years.

The cat that's out of the bag this time, is that I've started doing custom designs! 

Custom Designed Owl Baby Shower Invitations and Printables - KISS Freelance DesignsCustom Designed Strawberry Invitations and Printables - KISS Freelance Designs
Click on the designs to see them larger!

I've been doing graphic design work for my KISS Freelance clients for quite some time - but recently I've been doing more and more of it with lots of requests for custom invitations and printables. 

As I'm currently creating an entire range of printables, invitations and signs for our wedding - I decided now was the time to launch KISS Freelance Designs (plus a new blog where you'll find all my latest work). I know you're probably thinking "A wedding... a business.. a blog - and now graphic design work?" yep! Just another hat to wear ;) 

Custom Designed Invitations and Printables - KISS Freelance Designs

I'm creating a whole range of custom printables for clients (and one very special blog reader was the first client to order her invitations and printables!) including invitations (wedding, birthday party, bridal shower, hen's night etcetc), stickers, postcards, thank you notes, birth announcements, water bottle labels, food labels, lolly/candy buffet labels, custom designed birthday cards, RSVP cards, signs and so much more. 

Above you'll see some of Amelia's 1st Birthday Printables - including water bottle labels, stickers to seal her favour bags and the invitation! 

I custom make invitations/printables/whatever you fancy to suit your theme or event - and give you the option to print them yourself or have me send you the printed finished items! (which are professionally printed) 

Custom Designed Invitations and Printables - KISS Freelance Designs

And last but not least, here's something I put together for Jesse and I!

But tell me, is there something you love to do that many people don't know about? 
I also make toys - just another one of my hats ;) See the Bearskimos I made Jesse's nieces - Jesse's love owl and a collection of my different creations.

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