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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is August 1st - the Horse's Birthday - but also my Dad's Birthday.

Happy Birthday to the best Dad a girl could have (and a son-in-law-to-be could have too). We'd be lost without your knowledge of everything. Seriously, my Dad knows everything technical - can restore a computer when the computer technician place tells you it's un-recoverable, knows how to do "handy stuff" knows exactly what you need for this task or that task, gives me business advice, knows this, that and everything. 

We really do love you - despite the Santa jokes and antagonising - but you know that. 

Now, I'm off to make an apple pie - from scratch. So, my lovely readers, do keep your fingers and toes and eyes and arms and legs crossed - because I'd prefer this wasn't a fail! D: 

A present "just because"
PS: How cute is Jesse?! He returned home yesterday after being away for work with two presents. Two gorgeous silver jewellery boxes - the biggest one says "Just Because" and the little one says "I love you". I was super surprised and he kind of won the Best Fiance Award.

I am an incredibly lucky girl and oh so very grateful to have Jesse home! 

But tell me, what's your favourite thing about your Dad? 
and has your partner ever bought you presents "just because"? What were they?

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  1. Those jewellery boxes are lovely. Very cute of him to bring them back for you! Dan often buys me flowers 'just because' and it always makes me smile.
    Good luck with the apple pie and Happy Birthday to your Dad! :)

    1. It was definitely very cute! I don't like flowers as presents (because I get so sad when they die) but flowers as a just because present are always cute!

  2. Yes, Greg buys me flowers, necklaces, and random cute stuff just because! :D Even if it's something like a random mood ring I get really touched because he thought of me. And lol at the santa joke, he could definitely pass for one! (sorry, Kristy's dad :P)

    1. Oh I'm the same - Jesse could bring me home a rock and I'd be chuffed haha.

      He so can! Hahaha


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