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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Backpack for Both of Us

Backpacks for Travelling - Males and Females
In just 37 days I'm marrying this guy. At the end of October, we're heading off to Bali (and I'll be sharing our plans soon!) and preparing for a fun filled, adventure packed vacation. 

Usually, I cart around a handbag (Jesse would tell you it's more than a handbag as it's so big) but in Bali, I didn't want to be lugging around my handbag so we decided we needed to find a different alternative. 

Jesse has his favourite black backpack but it's really big, ugly and boring so I didn't want to be lugging that around and Jesse wasn't pleased with the idea of carrying around my one very small and girly backpack. We needed something that we were both happy to carry and that was also comfortable to cart around for hours. 

Happy Cow Urban Hemp Backpack Review
Meet Happy Cow's Urban Hemp Backpack (in Beige/Dark Leather) - the perfect solution.  

I absolutely hate carrying backpacks, but this backpack has changed my mind as it's so comfy! Jesse and I have been trying to take it from one another as both of us want to use it - I grab it for busy days out whilst he tries to take it to work or when he's traveling. Tut, tut, tut. 

It's made with vintage-look vegetable tanned leather details and beige organic cotton and hemp. I love that the bag is super strong - with heavy duty zips and padded adjustable straps - and it two pockets that are big enough to fit the things we use all the time.

One of the features I think is really cool is that middle strap doesn't actually need to be undone from the buckle as it has a button close - so it has great detail, but is super functional!

Travel Essentials: Backpacks

It's actually really cute with it's vintage style and it looks good on males and females. I love that we're both happy to carry it so Jesse can't just keep stuffing things in my bag which I have to lug around or vice versa ;P But here's a picture to prove it! 

The Urban Hemp Backpack is available for purchase on the Happy Cow Website for $147.40 with free worldwide shipping and I'd say it's worth every penny! I can see this backpack being used whenever we travel and I know it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Travel Essentials: Backpacks
Now, if you're thinking "How did Kristy rope Jesse in to take photos for this post?" or "Wow, what a good model Jesse is" you may want to think again about using him for your photo shoots - because that is what I had to put up with ;P 

But tell me, are you a backpack fan? 
What bag do you take when travelling? 

When travelling, I usually take my handbag and one of my big country road tote bags (not when adventure travelling, however) as I can fold the tote bag up when I don't need it and stick it in my luggage or handbag. 

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Kristy and Jesse received this backpack courtesy of Happy Cow, however, this post is not influenced by the company in any way and all opinons are their own.


  1. I hate having to carry around a purse, even just on an everyday basis. But if I go somewhere I will be doing a lot of walking I usually just use a good gym back, light weight and out of the way on my back!

    1. I really shouldn't carry a purse, due to my shoulder problem, but I've always gone against the physiotherapists advice and worn one because I find them more comfortable haha ;P Though my purse is usually more like a suitcase as it's constantly filled with food, notebooks etcetc.


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