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Friday, September 27, 2013

Jesse's New Shades

Jesse's new glasses
Jesse has worn glasses full time since he was a kid, but he's never been able to wear sunglasses he could see through - unless he wore sunglasses over the top of his glasses and that just became a bulky, uncomfortable mess. 

Just after he first moved here permanently, he needed new glasses so we went to the optometrist and got him some - and that's when he spotted the prescription sunglasses. 

From then on, everytime the sun shone - I heard about it. "I'd go walking more with you if I had prescription sunglasses" "I'd be happier to drive if I had prescription sunglasses" - the problem was, the prescription sunglasses they had were either butt ugly or hideously expensive. 

Alex Perry Prescription Sunglasses, Specsavers

This, my loves, is where Alex Perry steps in (actually, Alex Perry should step in - I'm sure he'd write a nice guest post - AP, I'm ready when you are!). He's just launched his prescription sunglasses range which is exclusively available at Specsavers and they look awesome

Alex Perry Prescription Sunglasses, SpecsaversJesse got the AX-RX09 which are an aviator style with gold trim - and they only cost $199 from Specsavers - but let me tell you, the smile on Jesse's face since we picked them up is absolutely priceless. All of a sudden he wants to hike in the middle of the day, never touches the sun visor in the car and never complains when I want to drag him out in the middle of the day.

Now the problem is getting him to take them off

If you're interested, here is the full range of Alex Perry's Sunglasses which you can pick up at your local Specsavers store. 

Bargainista tip: if you have private health insurance, depending on your coverage, you should be able to get one pair of regular glasses and one pair of prescription sunglasses under your cover so you won't pay anything for them!

But tell me, do you have a specific style of sunglasses you like?
And if you wear glasses, do you have a pair of prescription sunglasses? 

Jesse did receive his sunglasses courtesy of Alex Perry and Specsavers as a thank you for coming to their media launch. We had no obligations to cover these sunglasses on the blog, however, Jesse is in love and Kristy thinks they're pretty cool too. 

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  1. Wowww those are so nice lookin'! Very much like Ray Bans (I'm a fan of 'em) ;) And you'd think that by now sunglasses shouldn't be a problem for glasses-wearers, right? But I guess now it's FINALLY starting to get easier to find.

    1. Haha, they are! And yes - I think it was always easy to get prescription sunglasses - just not easy to find NICE prescription sunglasses haha ;P


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