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Saturday, September 7, 2013

What's in my Handbag?!

What's in my Handbag Post
On Thursday, I got an email from Heather who asked me if I'd ever done a "What's in my handbag" post as she was a fan of them on youtube. She commented that a lot of the time, it seemed like these people were putting things in their handbags to look better - and taking out all of the regular stuff - but she said: "I love Southern In Law because you are so honest so I know you would do an honest post".

Heather's right - Southern In-Law is completely and utterly honest - and we don't feel the need to be show-offy or pretend we're better than anyone else. Jesse and I are just your regular ordinary couple doing regular ordinary things. 

So, I'm showing you my handbag in all of it's messy glory. So what's in there?! 

Wallet my Playboy Wallet which is about 5 years old - but I keep it around because it fits everything and I haven't been able to find another which has as many pockets/zips and is still comfortable to hold.

My Keys which I rarely ever use as there's always someone home. 

My Phone which rarely stays in my bag as it's almost constantly in my hand. Eek... I'm kind of addicted. That's what happens when you get 300 emails a day and love social media ;P 

A Microfibre Cloth constant phone use = constant phone dirtiness. 

Lip Gloss, Lip Balms and Moisturisers I have a lipgloss problems as there's always around 10 in my handbag at the one time. At the moment there's 4x Brauer Lip Shimmers which you can win here, Two Madre Labs Lip butters, 1 Cocoa Butter Chapstick, 1 Hurraw Lipbalm and a tube of Brauer Paw Paw Cream. 

Business Cards I have two types of business cards - Southern In-Law Cards (with the blog logo and our ugly mugs ;P) and my business cards which have different photos which I've taken. They are constantly in my purse as I'm either in meetings, at blog events/visiting PR companies or talking about either my business or the blog. 

A Spare Bag I keep this bag in my purse constantly - and use it whenever I'm out shopping and need a bag (I hate stores like Target which make you purchase their bags that tear in 0.021 seconds) or I have an arm full of papers/documents and don't want to shove them in my purse. This also comes in handy when my water bottle explodes all over my bag (it happens alot)

Nausea Fixes The queen of nausea always has to be prepared - I constantly have Ginger Tablets, Ginger Chews/Gin Gins (which I need to buy more of ASAP as there's ONE left!), prescription nausea tablets and also fisherman's friends peppermints which are SO strong they knock nausea on its butt in 0.00001 seconds. So strong that Jesse can't even handle them ;P 

Bandaids What can I say, I'm a klutz. I keep bandaids in my purse for those just in case moments. I'm prone to hurting myself - whether it be blisters, cuts, burns or whatever - and when we run out of bandaids in the house, there's always spares in my purse. 

Baby Wipes Odd that a 21 year old woman with no children would have baby wipes in her purse? Possibly. It's a habit I picked up from nannying. I always had baby wipes in my purse for little ones - so I started using them myself when eating lunch on the run, if I touched something sticky etc. Now they're constantly in there and I use them all the time - I'm always eating in cars/buses/trains and no one wants to be eating all of those germs or shaking hands at their next meeting with sticky fingers. 

Little Blue Lou my Canon Ixus. I keep her in my handbag constantly - charged up and ready to go! We use Lou whenever we're out at events or when doing restaurant reviews as she's not as intimidating as Big Bertha. 

Earphones which rarely get used, unless SIL Sister is rambling in the car and I want to drown her out. I never listen to music on the train as I'm scared I'll miss my stop - so I just read (and still zone out and have to keep checking I haven't missed my stop). 

What's missing from my handbag....

You'll almost always find food in my handbag. With all of my allergies and intolerances, I never eat out - so there's usually at least a snack in there (Macro Raw Choc Mint Bars are a constant in my handbag) and often you'll find lunch too. Whenever I'm out, I also always make sure to pack at least a bottle of water and sometimes a Raw C Coconut Water as they're my absolute fave. 

I also realised that I left my handy dandy migrastick out of my shot! If you have headaches but don't like taking painkillers (they make me sick) buy yourself a migrastick. They are the BEST THINGS EVER - and they work for nausea too. 

Pink Leather Handbag - Eclipse Fashion Bags
If you're anything like me, you're probably wondering about my bag! And yes, it's gorgeous. 

It's the Pink Budapest bag from Eclipse Fashion Bags and 100% leather with a woven lining. It also comes in navy and it's so comfortable - and functional as well as cute. It's $160 but so durable it will be taking pride of place on your arm for ageeeeeeees.

But tell me, what would we find in your handbag? Are you a neat and tidy bag keeper - or do you throw everything in there?

I call my style, organised chaos - because it looks like I have a lot in there, but I know where everyhing is. 

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  1. This bag is SO cute!! I need a new bag myself so I will have to look at their website :o)

  2. Great post!!! Love your camera names...hilarious!

    1. Haha - Jesse thought they were ridiculous at first - but now he calls them by their names ;P

  3. You're just list me! I never have a small handbag b/c I have a small pharmacy in mine as well! haha I too like to carry water, have you tried the bottles from "Camelback"? They are refillable and are spill proof so your bottles don't open up in your bag! Check them out

    1. Haha, too funny! It sounds like I totally need a camelback water bottle!


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