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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Affordable, functional and fashionable - Kmart's Spring/Summer launch

Virgin Blue Sydney to Melbourne

Why hello, my loves! What a week I've had! On Monday, I left for Melbourne at 6:30am this morning (actually waking up at 5:00am and leaving home at 5:30am) for Kmart's Spring/Summer fashion launch.

As you know, Jesse and I are huge Kmart fans - I was always a homewares fan and didn't wander much into the clothing section (unless it was for cute pj pants or casual trackies) but now my mind has totally changed - Kmart have stepped up their fashion game!
Kmart Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014Kmart Women's Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014
Click on the pictures to see them in full

Kmart's goal is to offer their customers affordable fashion solutions - with the ultimate aim to have their customers walk out of the store with an entire outfit under $50. The printed pants you see above are just $9 and the hat in the second photo is also $9 so both clothing and accessories are super affordable. 

Kmart Men's Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014Kmart Men's Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014

Kmart also know that men need affordable fashion - and probably that their ladies need them to have affordable fashion that also looks good. 

They're looking to keep up with latest trends, patterns and colours but still keep the prices low. Here you have an $8 tank and $15 shirt - both of which come in a variety of colours. 

Kmart Children's and Plus Sized Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014Kmart Children's and Plus Sized Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014

If you've got little ones - Kmart have then covered too! In fact, they have the whole family covered - from clothing to bedding to tablewear and so much more!

Here you've got a super cute girls' dress which I wish came in my size for just $15, cute shirts for your little guys for $8 and plus sized printed jeans for only $15. The little guy above is actually SIL reader, Nitsa's son!

Kmart Activewear Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014Kmart Activewear Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014

Now, my fellow activewear lovers - you'll be pleased to know that Kmart have added to their activewear range - with a whole new variety of colours, shapes and styles to suit your style. 

I'm loving all the girly pinks and purples but don't worry - there are plenty of blues, greens, yellows and oranges. I spoke with one of Kmart's designers, Sally, about their range and she let me know that Kmart is always trying to keep up with trends and providing their customers with exactly what they want - working on developing things like seamless activewear and fun printed leggings and activewear pieces. 

I know a lot of you feel that activewear with shelf tanks are useless unless they have added padding (as I receive lots of emails each time I feature my activewear) and I agree, so this is something I let Sally know! Most of us either want a tank to go over sport bras or an all on one tank if you don't need the added support. 

Kmart Activewear Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014

Kmart also have the guys covered for activewear - Jesse loves their tshirt style activewear tops which utilise moisture wicking fabric technology but don't necessarily look like a workout too - because really, not every guy is a show off or wants to look like a jock. 

Kmart Women's Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014Kmart Women's Spring/Summer Fashion Launch 2013/2014

This is just SOME of Kmart's new spring/summer collection and there is so much more instore - so make sure you pop into your local store and check it out!

But tell me, is there something you'd like to tell Kmart that you want or wish they'd change? 
Jesse and I are also planning on reviewing some different things at Kmart so we'd love to know, what would you like us to test out at Kmart? (It'll be SIL Approved!) - we've already had requests for Kmart's bikes and activewear range as well as clothing, but we want to know what you want to see! 

PS: I met four Southern In-Law readers on this trip all at different places and I just wanted to say thank you for stopping and taking the time to say hello! I know a lot of you are shy about saying hello in-case you get the wrong person or you feel like it's weird, but it totally makes my day! I may just have to start wearing makeup more often after Zoe emailed me letting me know she saw me out shopping and I realised I looked like a complete mess that day ;P 

Kmart Australia flew Kristy down to Melbourne for this event and covered all of her travel costs to and from the airport, however, as always all opinions are her own. 

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1 comment:

  1. How cool that they flew you down to Melb! I wish someone would do that for me!! I have been looking at their bikes for myself and my kids but I don't know anyone who has tried them out so I'm a little bit worried about their quality. It would be awesome if you could do a review on the bikes and some other kmart items, maybe workout clothes because you'd know if it stood up to the quality of other things.

    I would also like to tell Kmart that they need more staff in store! If I'm ever in a store and need help I can NEVER find anyone and if I do find someone they are usually just a work experience person or a trainee who hasn't got a clue!

    Your wedding is so close!! How exciting!!


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