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Monday, October 28, 2013

Some of our Bali Essentials

Hi my sweets! Excuse our absense from the blog this weekend - Jesse and I have been really sick. On Friday we took our malaria tablets which our doctor wanted us to take for Bali - and it all went downhill from there....

We both had awful reactions to the tablets and felt absolutely shocking all weekend. I'm heading back to the doctor today to see what she thinks we should do - but we are definitely not taking those tablets again. Jesse was so sick I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance at 12pm Friday night!

But enough of the blah stuff, let's talk about what we're packing! Today I wanted to share some of our Bali Essentials! (Just excuse the awful pictures, I wasn't feeling well and definitely not into taking photos :P

A Cute Coverup:
I'm all about modesty - wearing a bikini is hard enough, but walking around in one? Uh, uh! 

I love cute coverups so this Mist Mia Maxi from Sequins and Sand was the perfect choice for Bali.

The one I'm wearing is a size small which says it fits a size 10-12, but thanks to the tie at the front it fits me perfectly (and I'm a size 6-8).

It's light and comfy and perfect for wearing over your swimmers - the only thing is that I wish it was a little thicker so I could wear it out! (I don't know about you - but the whole underwear showing look doesn't work for me).

Our Bali Travel Essentials - What to take to Bali - Kaftan and Sunhat
A Floppy Sun Hat: 
This is mandatory for a few reasons; it'll keep your face protected from the sun (SO important if you don't want your face to age quicker than you, ladies!), it will keep you cool - and it looks cute!

This hat is one I picked up from Kmart last year (I think for about $10-15) and it's perfect - it covers my face and neck, is super comfortable to wear and doesn't give me a big ugly hat band mark (those totally aren't cute when you take your hat off!)

I don't think I suit hats at all, but I'm happy to wear this one.
Our Bali Travel Essentials - What to take to Bali - Sunscreen
Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen: 
Sun protection is so important - I don't care if you think it's annoying or not as good as a tan. Nothing is more important than protecting yourself from skin cancer. 

Jesse and I love this Everyday Sunscreen from The Cancer Council as it's not sticky or greasy, goes on easily and doesn't have an overpowering sunscreen smell. Be sure to reapply if you're in the sun all day!

We picked up a bottle from Big W but you can get it just about anywhere!

Our Bali Travel Essentials - What to take to Bali - Comfy Travel Outfit
A hand luggage bag that's comfortable - and comfy plane clothes: 
This Eb & Ive Overnight Bag from Sequins and Sand is perfect for traveling as it's huge - but also super comfortable to cart around. 

When you're traveling by plane, you can spend a lot of time in airports lugging around your bags - and there's nothing worse than being uncomfortable. In Louisiana I took a bag on the plane which cut and dug into my shoulder and I totally regretted it by the time we got to Jesse's Mom's house. 

Comfy travelling clothes are also important. Jesse made me buy these pants which I totally wan't convinced by (he loves them and so do the rest of my family) so he's currently trying to convince me that they will be a part of my plane outfit - we shall see.
Our Bali Travel Essentials - What to take to Bali - Natural Insect Repellent Para'kito
Well the malaria tablets didn't work - but we do have protection from mosquitos in other ways! 

Para'Kito sent Jesse and I their bands and clips to try out and I love the idea - they're all natural and use little oil diffusion pellets to repel mosquitos. Each pellet lasts 15 days and you can use either buy a wristband (the pink sakura ones are so cute!) or a clip which you can clip onto your belt, backpack or whatever you like.

We're also taking Insect Repellent for extra protection (we like Off! best) 

But tell me, what are some of your travel essentials?
Have you been to Bali?
Kristy and Jesse received Para'Kito Products and Sequins and Sands products from each company for their trip and the purpose of this review. As always, all opinions are completely their own and have not been influenced by the company in any way.

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  1. That is the prettiest cover-up ever! I wouldn't want to even take it off. The hat is a perfect touch as well! I always wear one when I go to the beach or am in the sun for awhile because no matter what I always get bad scalp sunburn (even when I use special sunscreen) and I always get burned on my nose, ears, and under my eyes, but the hat helps, so does a strong sunscreen!

  2. Ohhhh I'm so sorry you guys haven't been feeling good! Hopefully everything gets better asap and you guys are able to prance around like usual. :)

    And I have to say~those outfits are just gorrrrgeous and you look beautiful, my friend! I'm also not used to wearing swimsuits so I feel extremely awkward walking around in one--but surprisingly I got myself to wear one during our honeymoon in Kauai! I guess I thought of it, this might be our last time here so might as well just do whatever! Hehe :P

    1. Thank you, lovely! I think I'll do the same - I never swim but it is going to be HOTTTT in Bali so I may have no choice :P


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