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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WEDDING: Hair and Makeup

The Southern In-Law Wedding - Hair and Makeup Sydney
All Photography in this post by Lucie Zeka Wedding Photography

To say I'm excited to finally start Our Wedding Recaps is an absolute understatement - I have been impatiently waiting for our wedding photos and I know so many of you have been too. I wanted to start right from the very beginning - so why not start from the first thing we did on the morning of the wedding? Hair and Makeup! 

Actually, if you know me well enough - you'll know that tea and breakfast came before hair and make up - and you'd be right. On our wedding morning, the breakfast of choice was a Banana Souffle Breakfast Bake topped with Peanut Butter - and a black english breakfast (or two or three or four). 

Wedding Hair and Airbrush Makeup Sydney Wedding Hair and Airbrush Makeup Review Sydney

Nieves, my hair and make up angel, arrived at about 8am to get started on my hair and makeup. Nieves is the owner of the Get Threaded Salon at Sydney's MetCentre (at Wynyard Station) and as well as perfecting eyebrows, Nieves also specialises in Airbrush Makeup and Hair Styling which you can get at the salon (perfect for nights out, special meetings or events).

Bridal Hair and Airbrush Makeup Sydney

We went for a natural look with a bit of a dramatic eye to bring out my blue eyes - plus a few individual false lashes to really open up my eyes. I'm usually not an eyeliner girl, however, Nieves got me hook line and sinker when I saw how awesome the kick of eyeliner looked on our trials. 

And if you're wondering what I'm wearing? It's the TANFAN from last year's gift ideas - it's my go-to outfit when I'm getting my hair and/or makeup done as you can get it on and off without ruining anything and it's more modest than a dressing gown or robe that easily shifts.

Bridal Hair and Airbrush Makeup Review Sydney Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Sydney

At this time, I also had a gaggle of people around me - Adrian, our videographer (see our wedding video here), arrived, Amath our second videographer arrived and Lucie and Alban our photographers were there too.

I was ridiculously relaxed. I'm usually someone who likes to be in charge and super organised but I was so relaxed it was odd - I didn't feel nervous in the slightest. Jesse, I knew was nervous. If you've seen our wedding video, you'll have seen him calling me on Skype on the morning of the wedding - that was because he couldn't get Skype to call and was worried our friends and family around the world wouldn't be able to see us get married. 

SIL Mama was stressed too - she had a schedule in mind for everything and when our hair and makeup took longer than that she started to get reaaaaaaaaaallly stressed.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Sydney  - Vintage Sydney Wedding
 Photography by Lucie Zeka Wedding Photography 

But the hair and makeup got done and I loveeeeeeeeed it. I went for a bit of a messier updo than your usual bride as I really don't like looking like looking like my hair is made of plastic - or feeling like I'll be washing my hair for the next 10 years to get all of the hairspray out. 

It was an up do with loose curls and a soft part at the front and it was perfect for my dress's neckline (but you'll have to wait until the next post for more details on that!).

Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Sydney  - Vintage Sydney Wedding

As well as Nieves, our lovely hairdresser Veronica was also there to do Katrina's hair. Katrina had extensions as her hair is shorter than she likes (thanks to her chemotherapy treatments last year and the year before) and she went for loose curls with two braids holding everything in place. 

Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Sydney  - Rustic Sydney Wedding

Nieves also did Katrina's makeup and she too went for a more natural look with a slightly more dramatic eye. Now, Katrina is incredibly fussy when it comes to makeup so the fact that she approves of what Nieves did just goes to show how well she works :P 

Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist Sydney  - Country Sydney Wedding

Once we were all made up, I thought I could have a breather for a little while - but before I knew it, Mama SIL whisked me away upstairs to get into my dress. When you're having a morning wedding there's no time for dordling! 

Next post: The Dress!!

Wedding Vendors in this post: 
Hair/Makeup  Nieves Calvo, Get Threaded Met Centre - 1300 277 122 
Hair (Katrina) Veronica Loschiavo - if you're in the St George Area and are looking for a hair stylist/hair dresser, please let me know and I'll pass on her details 
Videography Adrian Tan - second shooter Amath Magnan (wedding video is here)

But tell me, when it comes to hair and makeup do you prefer a natural or dramatic look?


There is nothing better than reading your comments on our posts! Let us know what you think of this post!

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