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Friday, November 22, 2013

SIL in Bali: Lazy Afternoons and Rainy Escapes

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The last time I wrote about our Bali trip, we were having our Couples Massage Treatment at Lembah Spa. After our spa treatment, we headed back to our villa to relax for the rest of the day. 

Gluten Free in Bali - Cascades Restaurant Ubud Rice Paper Rolls
One of my absolute favourite ways to relax is to curl up with a good book - Jesse's is to sleep. Jesse had a nap whilst I headed out to the bale to relax with a book. After a while, we started to get hungry so we ordered room service for lunch - taking advantage of our bale and eating out in the sunshine.

I had Rice Paper Rolls made especially for this allergic to everything girl - filled with carrot, cucumber, avocado and fresh mint and basil served with a beetroot and yogurt dipping sauce and the rice paper rolls were deeeeeeeeeee-vine. 

Gluten Free in Bali - Cascades Restaurant Mediterranean Bruschetta

Jesse had CasCade's Mediterranean Bruschetta - Foccacia bread topped with grilled zucchini, eggplant, capsicum (bell pepper), onions, mozzarella and sundried tomatoes served with fries. Not exactly Southern In-Law approved, but I told you - we were relaxed :P 

Gluten Free in Bali - Cascades Restaurant Allergy Friendly

The rest of our afternoon was spent watching movies, reading some more and then before we knew it - it was time for dinner! We got one of the chefs to snap a picture of us before dinner, so here's a rare holiday photo of me! (I'm always behind the camera and never in front of it - not intentionally or anything.... its a good strategy).

Gluten Free in Bali - Cascades Restaurant Fresh Herb Mushroom Risotto

Gluten Free in Bali - Cascades Restaurant Viceroy Club SandwichFor dinner, the chef made me the most amaaaaaazing mushroom and fresh herb risotto - filled with a variety of mushrooms included morel and baby portobellos with fresh parsley and basil. Mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm my friends, it was so good - and without any nasty ingredients that would make me sick! (WIN!)

Jesse decided to go the un-traditional route for dinner and ordered the Viceroy Club - A toasted triple decker sandwich with sliced chicken, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg and mayonnaise served with potato wedges. 

Sandwiches aren't usually dinner food but I'm the person who eats breakfast for lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert and often mixes up meals so I told Jesse to go for it!

Gluten Free in Bali - Cascades Restaurant Cappuccino

After dinner, I needed time to let my food settle but Jesse was all for dessert so we ordered tea and coffee and relaxed for a bit before decided on dessert. My husband has become a bit of a coffee lover since being introduced to the "Australian way" of making coffee and stepping away from the "Community Coffee" he only ever drank in Louisiana. If you're ever meeting Jesse and I at a coffee shop or cafe, it'll be a cappuccino for Jesse and a black english breakfast, green or peppermint tea for me. In Bali, however, I was all for fresh ginger tea. 

Gluten Free in Bali - Cascades Restaurant Chocolate Variation Tasting Plate - Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Fondant, Chocolate Icecream, Chocolate Parfait Gluten Free in Bali - Cascades Restaurant Chocolate Ice Cream with Fresh Banana

 I've also passed on my chocolate loving side to Jesse who was never much of a sweet fan - so Jesse ordered the Chocolate Variation, a chocolate lover's heaven (unless you're like me and love chocolate but in small doses) with chocolate icecream, a warm molten centred chocolate lava cake, a chocolate truffle and a chocolate parfait (chocolate mousse with a chocolate shell).

And what did Miss Allergic to Everything order? Chocolate icecream with fresh banana - because seriously, bananas make everything better. The chocolate icecream was amaaaaaaaaazing - it's made in-house and is rich, creamy and oh so delicious.

Gluten Free in Bali - Cascades Restaurant Viceroy Bali Ubud

 With full bellies, we escaped back to our room in the pouring rain as the heavens had just opened up in Ubud and the weather gods put on a stormy late night show. I stayed awake and listened to the rain teaming down on our thatched roof whilst Jesse passed out in seconds thanks to his chocolate variation coma.

But tell me, Brinner? Linner? Brunch?Are you a fan of mixing up meals?
If so, what's your favourite mixed up meal? Mine has to be breakfast bakes or oatmeal for dinner ;)  

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