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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gift Guide: For the Fitness Fan!

Christmas Gift Guides

Hi sweet peas! Christmas is fast approaching and if you haven't already started to think about what to buy loved ones, now is the time! Jesse and I have put together some gift guides for just about every person in your life - so make sure you keep an eye out for these posts. The gifts vary from under $5 to a bit more expensive so you can find the option to suit your budget.

Today, we're starting with our gift guides for the fitness lovers in your life - and what better way to start off! Plus, if you're looking for hints to give your partner or family, this gift guide may give you some ideas for what you might like for Christmas!

Fitness Healthy Living Gift Guide

The Fit Fan Gift Guide: 

1- A weighted jump rope
I don't know about you, but as soon as I have a skipping rope in my hand, I feel like I'm a kid again. It's a really fun way to get a workout in and jump ropes are getting more and more attention in the fitness world. This Weighted Speed Rope from Kmart is the perfect stocking stuffer for your fit friends at just $5 - and it'd make the perfect Secret Santa/Kris Kringle Gift too!

2- Fit focused beauty products
Think about the beauty products that would be perfect for your fit friends - from muscle relaxing body washes and bath products to firming and toning products like the Body Shaper Range from BioElixia (currently on sale for $49.95 for all three). One of my fit friends recently received a gift basket filled with relaxing and soothing bath products after a marathon and it was a huge hit! 

3- A cute gym bag
Whether you have a friend who's a gym junky or trains outside of home, why not think about buying them a cute gym bag? This Barrel Bag from Cotton On Body is the perfect affordable option at just $24.95 

4- A summer workout top (or winter if you're in the Northern Hemisphere!)
I don't know about you, but I loveeeeee getting new activewear pieces - even more than I love getting any other type of clothing. I'm currently obsessed with this Running Bare Diamond Mesh Y Back Workout Tank for summer (available at Onsport for $52.95 - get $10 off your order over $65 with the coupon code SIL10). The mesh makes it super cool for hot summer workouts and whilst it lets so much air in, it's not ridiculously see-through so you don't have to feel exposed. 

5- A great water bottle 
Hydration is incredibly important and I find a great water bottle makes all the difference. Plus, if your fit friend is anything like me, they'll go through a lot of water bottles. I love this Contigo Kangaroo Autoseal Water Bottle from Kitchenwear Direct which is just $19.95. It has a smart little compartment which allows you to fit your keys/credit card/money so you'll never be locked out of your house when you lose your keys running ;P 

6- Weights
We love HIIT and Strength Training workouts and as we do them at home, we have our own weights. We love Kmart's Dumbell Range which varies from $5-22 and you can buy 1kg ($5), 1.5kg ($8), 2kg ($10), 3kg ($15), 5kg ($22) or a full set depending on the person!

7- A good quality yoga/gym mat 
This is one thing every fit fan should have as it's so versatile - whether you're using the mat for yoga or HIIT/strength training floor work, it's an item that certainly won't go to waste. We love the GoFit Yoga Mat from Onsport $29.95 (get $10 off any order over $65 with the coupon code SIL10). 

8- A great sports bra
I may have a million and one sports bras, but I can't say no to a cute one. I'm currently loving this Running Bare Sexy Sweetheart No Bounce Crop from Onsport $49.95 (get $10 off any order over $65 with the coupon code SIL10) seen below.

9- Running Shorts 
Like sports bras and tops, you can never have too many pairs of running shorts. I'm currently loving the Running Bare Angels Running Short in Pixel from Onsport for $52.95 (get $10 off any order over $65 with the coupon code SIL10) also seen above as the fabric is really light and comfortable for summer. They also have a little pocket on the back for your keys or money!

But tell me, what else would you add to the Fit Fan gift guide? 
Or if you're a fitness fan yourself - what do you want for Christmas?

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  1. Love the weighted jump rope!!! Also like the idea of weights, or adding items to your home gym.
    Coincidentally, I did a very similar post yesterday (but all "stocking stuffers"). I like that RunningBare sports bra; reminds me of the LJ one I posted! I'm in the running for a whole bunch of new ones, so I'll keep your suggestion in mind!

  2. Love this post! I'm about to do a fitness themed gift guide as well!
    How did you pop them all in one picture collage?! Would love to do that for mine. Thanks :)

    1. Hey lovely, I just used the pictures as overlays on Photoshop and brought them all in together :)


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