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Saturday, November 30, 2013

WEDDING: The Dress and Getting Ready

Wedding Recaps - The Dress!

So once my hair and makeup was finished, it was time to get dressed - but before that, I needed to put my jewelry back on! My lovely Mum and Aunty Lyn were busily cleaning up my necklace, ring and engagement ring so everything was sparkling for the day. Jesse had bought be a diamond necklace for my birthday which was perfect with my dress.

So with my jewelry back, it was time to get into the dress!

Wedding Recaps - The Dress! House of Brides Review

I'm super modest so I got changed in the bathroom and then came out to button up the final buttons and tie up my sash in front of the cameras. 

My dress was Allure's M476 Gown in Ivory. I'd fallen in love with the backless version (the C155) and that was dress I tried on in Louisana and whilst I loved it - I didn't love that it was backless. I have a shoulder disability which means one of my shoulder blades sticks out quite a bit and I've always covered it up - one because it annoys me and two because it's super sensitive so it feels weird to be so exposed.

We were thinking about getting a back put into the dress, however, I then found my dress and it was absolutely perfect - it had the same look just with a back. 

Wedding Recaps - The Dress! Allure M476 Gown

I took a big risk with my dress - I ordered it online. I ordered my dress from House of Brides and whilst it was quite a bit stressful waiting so long and not knowing if I'd made the right choice - my dress arrived on time, 6 months later. My dress took quite a bit longer than it usually takes as it had to be made in my size (they don't stock the smaller sizes as standard stock so it had to be hand made) and it arrived in a teeny tiny little box. 

I have to admit, I had a panic attack when it arrived. The box was shoe box sized and the outside of the package read Polyester Bridesmaid Dress. My dress certainly wasn't polyester and I couldn't imagine how it could fit such a tiny box so I thought there was a mistake. I opened the box with my heart racing and then I saw the lace. I pulled the dress out of the box and sure enough, it was my dress - and it was perfect. 

I can't recommend House of Brides enough - I also bought the crystal sash on my dress from House of Brides and it arrived really quickly. I saved a fortune buying my dress online and if I had have gone with the store in Sydney who could have shipped it in for me I would have paid $2000 more. Even with shipping, I paid less than $1000 for my dress - and just slightly more than that once the sash was added. 

Wedding Recaps - The Dress! Allure M476 Dress

Now, what about accessories? Well you may already know about my shoes and would you believe I totally forgot about putting my gorgeous garter on? I was so happy that I couldn't care about forgetting it though so it was all fine. 

The Swarovski Sash that I wore on my dress was also an Allure Item - the S33 Sash which I purchased from House of Brides.

Wedding Recaps - The Dress! House of Brides Wedding Dress ReviewAs for jewelry, I had a heart diamond necklace which Jesse bought me for my birthday, square diamond earrings which my parents bought me for my birthday (both from Zales where we also bought our wedding bands and my engagement ring). I had a pearl and crystal bracelet which I bought from Sydney's Rocks Markets for $15 as I couldn't find a real pearl and diamond bracelet anywhere and ran out of time to get anything made - so the crystal bracelet was a very lucky find.

The other accessory I had on the day was a gorgeous Cameo Pin which I pinned onto my bouquet which was passed down to my late Grandmother from her Mother - and which my Dad thinks was passed down before that too.
Wedding Recaps - The Dress! Allure Bridals M476

I already knew my dress looked amazing and it suited my individual style - but my other main objective was for the dress to be comfortable and oh how it was! 

I wanted a dress I could easily move around in so I could have fun with our guests, have photos without looking ridiculously uncomfortable and feel good. The lovely Kaylene from Be Seen by Kaylene did all of the alterations for my dress and she did an incredible job. 

It arrived slightly too big at the bust and waist but Kaylene took it in perfectly - even making adjustments for my shoulders (as the damaged shoulder sits a lot differently than my normal shoulder) and it was so comfortable. She also tacked the sash onto the dress so that it didn't shift around and secured the lace at the front and sides so that too didn't move and look silly in photos.

I guess, like with everything, you know when you find the right dress. It just feels right. I cried countless tears over my dress even before I ever tried it on. I knew it was the one without every trying on the specific dress (only the backless version) and I was right. We had dramas of not being able to get the dress anywhere, waiting so long for it to arrive - but it was all perfect in the end. It's certainly a risk buying online but it saved us a fortune and I couldn't recommend House of Brides any more!

But tell me, if you're married or about to be - how did you know you found the dress.
If you're not, what style of dress do you think you'd go for?
Jesse actually thought I'd go for a princess style dress, however, I went for the total opposite - I definitely didn't want a strapless dress so something was sleeves was always what I wanted.

Next post: The Car!
Wedding Vendors in this post: 
Hair/Makeup  Nieves Calvo, Get Threaded Met Centre - 1300 277 122 
Dress: Allure Bridals M476 purchased from House of Brides
Sash: Allure Bridal C33 purchased from House of Brides
Videography Adrian Tan - second shooter Amath Magnan (wedding video is here)

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