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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Southern In-Law Wedding Recaps: How to choose the right wedding car for your theme

Vintage Wedding Car Hire Sydney
Picture by SIL Daddy (aka: Santa) - be sure to 
compliment him on his photo so he feels special :P 

Jesse will tell you he's the car guy - and most of the time, he's right. He can tell you the make and model of almost any car on the road. Whilst we don't yet have our own car, he will tell you his wishlist of cars and the reasons why said car would be perfect. Usually, I couldn't care less about cars - but when it comes to vintage cars, that's another story.

At first, I thought I'd let Jesse organise the wedding cars, however, I knew we'd end up with something like a ferrari or speedy sports car - and that didn't work for our vintage/rustic theme. 

When I stumbled across Broadway Limousines - I fell in love.

Vintage Wedding Car Hire Sydney - Broadway Limousines Review

We hire the Royal Princess Limousine and I could not have asked for anything better. The car was incredible (and that back seat was like sitting on the comfiest lounge ever), the driver was incredible and the smile on Jesse's face when he saw it for the first time is something I'll never forget. 

Wow baby, you did good.

You see, I organised our wedding car as a surprise. Jesse and Wesley headed off to the church in the morning with my Aunty and Cousin who were staying at our house with the boys (someone had to get them ready!). They were in our car as we needed it to pack things into for the reception (we had a lot of things to bring along - just wait until you see what we did!). 

Vintage Wedding Car Hire, Sydney | Rolls Royce Wedding Care Hire
Photo by my lovely cousin, Angela!

It wasn't until after the ceremony that Jesse saw the car and he loved it - especially the attention we got whilst in the car. 

Usually Jesse doesn't like attention, but on our wedding day - a totally different story. He loved the fact that people were waving, honking, taking pictures of us in the car and he was totally hamming it up. 

Vintage Rolls Royce Wedding Car Hire, Sydney

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect car or better service - our driver was incredible and actually helped me to stay relaxed as he was fun and chatted with us all on the drive over. He was definitely surprised at how calm I was and how I wasn't fussing over myself - I didn't need a red carpet, I was too excited to marry my man! 

Vintage Bentley Wedding Car Hire, Sydney

But tell me, are you a sports car fan or would you prefer a vintage car?
What would be your dream wedding car - or what was?
I'm definitely a vintage girl - for my year 10 formal I went by myself in a Royal Blue Rolls Royce whilst all my friends chose limousines and hummers that I totally wasn't interested in!

Next post: Our Wedding Photos (and the location!)
Wedding Vendors in this post: 
Vintage Wedding Car Hire  Broadway Limousines - - 0430 885 466 

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