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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting to know each other

Why hello there! 
Do you know, there's many many mannnnyyy Southern In-Law readers who read our posts (some every day!) but never comment? You might just be one of those. 

One of our favourite parts of this blog is getting to chat to and become friends with SIL readers - whether it be through comments, Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or emails.

We wanted to give you a chance to introduce yourself and say hello! You know so much about us - and we'd love to know some things about you! 

Here are some things we've been wondering...
- If you could have anyyyyythinggg you wanted in the world right now, what would if be? (We're thinking a private jet would be handy - but a new dryer is what we really need) 
- What's your favourite thing about Southern In-Law? 
- What would you like to see more of on the blog? 

And here's six random things about us you mightn't have known: 
- Almost all Southern In-Law recipes start their life in what we call "the recipe scribble book", which is a 50 cent workbook (I have dozens of these because they get filled up constantly) where I scribble down new ideas for recipes before rewriting the finished ideas in my phone to make at a later date. I have an app which allows me to rate and categorise recipes and I'll only share heat gets 4+ stars!  
- Our family is pretty much crazy but we all somehow manage to seem normal (until we're on our own - last night we were all a laughing mess for hours) 
- I don't like pools or baths, I'm a get in get out girl when it comes to either but I will happily stay in the shower for ages. 
- My nickname is "Furniture Ninja" because too often my family will "lose" me when I'm sitting right in front of them. This means I often get sat on :P 
- Chanel doesn't like bald men, she'll bark and run away from any bald man that comes in the house (and balding men are technically bald in her mind) 
 I still, at 21 years old, don't know how to drive! I really must go and get my license but I don't really want to because I hate cars! 

Also, if there's anything that stops you from getting in touch with us, like technical issues, be sure to let us know so we can try and fix them! 


  1. Hello dears... I am from Canada and love to connect .....I have a great family ...blessed with good health learning....seeing people from all over the globe makes me feel like im in a great community ....I just read your not liking cars....the only reason I learned to drive was I had a baby on the way......he is now 21 and I am fine with driving but I do on occasion find it to be a bit overwhelming....if you can get by without a drivers license then my dear just do what feels best for you. My son was a mess when he got his licence process started a few years ago...when his dad got very il for an extended period of time though he had to drive to the city daily for his dads needs and bi golly he did it with knots in his tummy ...three years later ...this past December he went and took the final test and passed (as I knew he would) . Sometimes life can be so overwhelming ...the best part is do it and make it and prove yourself wrong everytime . You are an amazing bright and lovely young lady and you will constantly amaze yourself over the coarse of your lifetime at your courage and perseverance to succeed. My very dear friend told me the key to getting through the tough times is realising this too shall pass revel in the greatness of the sunrise or the sweet kisses from your puppy or the cup of tea your best friend makes for you . I told my son once during a tough time for him see the glorious sunrise and realise it may be the best part of your day . Everything big and small should be paid attention to. I see some couples who forget that simple act and Im not sure what comes first in the part where a couple have hard times but my motto is always be kind.....we all have our own battles to fight but if you are kind can go a long ways for your partner...running a tub for them when they get home and are tired or in a sad state... I have talked to couples who are on their fourth decade together and had rough spots and they agree that being kind can go a long way to healing the hurt. Im forty six here in a bit and have my best friend by my side .....never in a million years would I guess to be here but Im happy ...surrounded by great friends and now there are grandkids to enjoy.....they are my partners .....the love and admiration they show for the grans is so sweet.....5 and 7....we bake together and when the mom and dad are at wits end we grams and gramps come in handy .....anyhow must run for now but sure enjoy your posts and so glad you came up on my fb page......cheers and hope to keep in touch and enjoy your posts for many moons to come from Canada ! Bernadette

    1. Hi Bernadette!
      It's lovely to hear from you - thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! Jesse actually always jokes that I'll decide to get my license as soon as I find out we're expecting - but as we're not planning on having a SIL baby anytime soon, hopefully I get my license before then!

  2. Hello there,
    I haven't been a follower of Southern In-Law that long (couple months) but from what I've seen so far I find your blog simple awesome. You guys seem to have a lovely relationship which I admire greatly!
    If I could have anything in the world right now, I think Id have to say a new job! It seems to be the only thing that could improve my life greatly. I live on a farm in the middle of know where so money is an essential so I am able to get around, see people and do things I've never been able to do!!
    My favourite thing bout SIL is the recipes, so much inspiration to eat healthier!! Which I'm starting to do as my New Years resolution, cliché I know but I plan to stick at it!
    Think I'd like to see more posts about travel/camping. I am an outdoors person so I'd love to see some of the things you come up with :) Even if it's like great ways to pack a suit case (always struggle to find room) and other things like that :)
    Anyway that's a little about me, keep up the great work :)

    1. Hey Caitlin!
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! I am so glad that our recipes have inspired you!

      What a great idea! I'll have to put my thinking cap on about those camping/outdoorsy posts! I love hiking and being outdoors but would you believe I've never ever been camping?

  3. Hi Kristy, I really enjoy your blog, I love the way you guys met & the dedication you show. I enjoy your recipes and hearing snippets of your time together.
    If I could have anything? Apart from health & safety for my kids, I think it'd my own island! Lol, but seriously we could really do with a new(er) car, with air-con!
    I don't know what else I'd like to see on your blog, I sort of wander over here, check out what's going on, look at your recipes, sometimes get a bit of a smile, some ideas and wander out again. It's all very comfortable :).
    ...I didn't get my licence until at almost 9 months along (yep getting contractions) I stood, struggling with a toddler & a stroller, on a crowded bus while everyone avoided eye-contact with me. As soon as no.2 was able to be left I got those driving lessons.... I was almost 27. I don't think now that I would have managed a regional move if I couldn't drive.

    1. Hi Sue,
      I am so glad you love the blog! I have to agree with you, having your own island would be incredible - as too would a new car!

      It is definitely easy living without driving when public transport is so accessible here - if we lived where Jesse's family does in Louisiana I would be totally stranded unless Jesse was able to drive me somewhere!

  4. Hello to the both of you,

    I admit I giggled through those 6 new facts! especially Chanel and Furniture Ninja!

    my sis also doesnt drive at 22. She lived in bris all through uni so had no need to drive- but she is learning now she's back rural!

    I missed out last year- so what I WANT is an offer from my chosen uni. mid Jan they come out so I'm either going to be really happy or really grumpy! I do not like the fact a major decision is in the hands of someone Ive never met! So Watch out... Apart from that I've always wanted a long sleeve & knee length dinner dress! Ive always wanted one but NEVER found one! Oh and never been attracted to, or able to walk in heels, but I would like to learn one day!

    My fav thing about SIL- well recipes of course but lately I think it's your communication on FB & Instagram!! Im using it more than FB lately and I love seeing what you guys are up too and your kind words on my posts!

    I'm patiently waiting for all your travel posts! And would love to see some more product reviews!! Or even restaurant reviews! I do like reading peoples thoughts on things incase I'm ever tempted to buy or dine! I've made a couple purchases (iherb & Running Bare) after reading your thoughts!! I did love all your out and about walking posts- just because i wish i lived in beautiful scenery!

    Technical issues: currently im typing this into 'Notes' on my iphone as when I go to comment it never lets me- so i type then cut, copy, paste it into the browser! Your recipage also shows up blank on my phone- so i have to google search + 'ingredient I want'... but maybe it's just my Vodafone service that doesnt load properly as other websites seem to be blank or half load! And it takes ages for me to sign into my google account on my phone soI hardly comment anymore! All these issues are fine when I'm on my laptop/ so definately just my phone!! :-(

    Me: single mummy at 25! It's tough!! You've seen my little cutie pie growing up this year. He's turning into a curly blonde stud and I have no idea what he'll look like! And he still getting mistaken for a girl- must be the curls!

    I LOVE studying, cooking & travelling!

    Ive never been a big fan of full time work, I get over it quickly! But I don't think I have found anything I've really loved. For last few years Ive finished off my Masters and now looking at going back into Undergrad to become a dentist!

    I find cooking relaxing and lifts my mood when I'm having a terrible day! As you know, I love new recipes and improvising things! I dont have an oven so most of my cooking is a mix of frypan/saucepan, microwave and grill! Always thought if I had no career by 30 I would make myself a food critic... luckily, i have a few more tears before i do that'

    Travel wise- Best places Ive been are Canada and Hawai'i! Always wanted to visit NZ but still don't have a good enough reason to go! Now with T my freedom is a little restrained! If only I got paid to travel!

    We share our time between rural and the coast! Home is rural but I much prefer the coast and hoping to end up their one day!

    1. Hey Penny!
      I am crossing my fingers for you that you get an acceptance letter from that University very very soon! How exciting and nerve racking all at once!

      I need to get onto the rest of those travel posts ASAP so thank you thank you thank you for the reminder!

      I need to look into how I can change the comment form as well because I know a couple of other readers have problems if they're not reading it from their web browser on their phone.

      I didn't realise you didn't have an oven - you cook so many SIL recipes I never would have known!

  5. Hey :)
    Up until recently i'd been stuck in a rut in the kitchen, i'd been feeling uninspired and resorted to just eating a lot of processed foods. I felt sluggish and tired as a result. After discovering your blog and browsing through the recipes, i've spent the past few days impressing friends with dishes and desserts that not only had them going back for seconds, but also weren't going to be detrimental to our waistlines! I'm so glad to be buzzing around my kitchen again and wanted to thank you guys!
    Jess D

    1. Hi Jess,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! I am SO glad that our recipes helped you to get out of your rut - don't worry though. it happens to all of us!

      Even I get sick of baking sometimes... though, I'm somewhat of a baking addict so it never lasts long :P

      What's your favourite recipe so far?! Be sure to send us a picture of your creations so that we can add them to our reader showcase! xx

  6. Great post, I'm inquisitive by nature so I especially love hearing random facts about people!

    I found your blog quite a while ago now and I've stuck around and read most of your posts but I'm not a huge blog commenter sorry.
    I do comment/like on facebook and instagram more though because I'm a bit addicted to them both!

    On the license thing, I got my license at 20 and I'm ashamed to say it was only because I got given a car or I probably wouldn't have bothered otherwise. I was really afraid and I still don't really enjoy driving but you do get used to it.
    As a mother now I've found being able to drive extremely handy but I can be a bit of a hippy and I try not to drive when I could walk.
    I definitely don't think driving is essential, especially when you're living in a capital city, but it does make my life so much easier.

    As for your questions: If I could have anything in the world right now it would be a new vacuum cleaner because my old one's pretty useless.

    My favourite thing about Southern In-Law is the recipes, I'm a bad cook but I find your recipes very easy and me-proof!
    I have also really enjoyed reading about your faith. I am also a Christian but have been going through a bit of a transitional/searching period and am not quite sure where I stand with my faith at the moment.
    I think for me it's a matter of finding the right church but I just need to get out there and start looking.

    What would I like to see more of on the blog? Umm nothing really, it' fine how it is. I'll never knock back a good healthy dessert post though ;)

    1. Hi Cynthia!
      It's lovely to hear from you - and I'm so glad you love the blog!

      I'm also super glad that you love the recipes. There's nothing worse than a recipe with 10001 ingredients and three hours of cooking time so that's what I always try to avoid. Keeping things simple makes them more enjoyable!


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