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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Laughing things off

Soooo last night, Jesse and I slept on the floor of our lounge room on the mattress from our bed.

Why? Because in the middle of the night, our bed decided enough was enough and completely broke. Jesse has been nagging me for a new bed for ages and I knew that I needed to buy one soon as the centre bar wasn't looking so good. 

Little did I know, we'd hear a huge cruuuuuuuuuuuuunch, I shot up straight in bed as I was shocked and crrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaack. The centre of the bed fell in. I carefully stepped out of bed onto the floor and looked back to see Jesse sunk in the centre of the bed. 

I looked under the bed and the middle bar was cracked and on the floor. 

All I could do was laugh... hysterically. To the point where Jesse couldn't work out if I was laughing or potentially crying. 

I felt like we were in a movie and it was so ridiculously funny. Both of us laughed ourselves silly and gave up trying to fix our clearly dead bed and moved our mattress into the lounge room. 

Even this morning, when Jesse woke up and remembered what had happened he laughed himself silly. 

We could have been annoyed that we got woken up in the middle of the night - or that we now have to look for a new bed. But really, what's the point? More and more, we're learning that things don't always happen to plan or how you'd like them too - but you just need to look for the brighter side and laugh it off. 

Plus, now we have another ridiculously funny memory to add to our collection. 

But tell me, when's the last time something happened that you just had to laugh off?

On Sunday, I was deflating a blow up pool toy with Jesse when I slipped, fell into the pool toy and crashed hard into the marble tiled floor. I managed to slam down onto my butt and have a massive bruise, but it was all too funny not to laugh about - especially when I had do try and explain my hobbling ;P

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  1. We actually camp in our lounge a lot! It's nice to have a movie day in front of the tv & the lounge is the only room with air con!

    1. Haha I said to Jesse "well, I guess now we can say we've had a slumber party?" :P

  2. One day when walking out the door, my shoelace got caught in the bottom of the door, so when the door went to close it tok my foot with it, not only did I not have a rail to grab, I fell down the three steps all at once... My fiance was behind me and at the top of the steps and he had a spent bullet in his hand he was going to show me because of the way it crushed. When he saw I was falling, he could see he couldnt get to me so his first instinct was to try to catch me/ break my fall with something.... He threw the bullet. It landed just perfectly under my bottom. He was so worried and I was just busting a gut! The next day I say my bruise forming... Huge round purple spot with a white spot where the corner of the step was that I landed on and another small circle where I landed on the bullet.. Sometimes you just gotta laugh!

    1. Oh gosh! How funny that he thought the bullet would help, haha. Hope you didn't get hurt too much!

      I am always tripping/falling/bumping into things and it's absolutely ridiculous! :P


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