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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Will you help us Spread the Southern In-Law Love?

Loves, I'm a little embarrassed asking for your help, but when the lovely Maria let me know she had nominated us for The Kitchn's The Homies Awards I thought it was the perfect opportunity for us to spread the Southern In-Law love and hopefully make this blog even bigger and better for you. 

Nominations and Voting are open until February 22nd, so there's only a short time to vote, but we would love you to help us out! 

All you have to do to vote for us is:
  1. Create an Apartment Life Account and verify your email address (Maria said that she had trouble signing in with Facebook and we did too so perhaps go the old email route!)
  2. Head to the Health & Diet Nominations Page, Find Southern In-Law on the Nominations list and click the +1 button to vote for us! 
  3. Leave a comment letting us know you voted so we can smother you with thank 
You guys are the reason Southern In-Law is what it is and we really wouldn't have any opportunities if it wasn't for you. We have so many goals and dreams for our baby of a blog and we want to make it even bigger, better and more delicious for you and this could help us to do just that!

If there's any way we can help you out - let us know too! We're always more than happy to share your fundraising pages, your stories, etc!

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