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Monday, March 31, 2014

Recipe: Quinoa with Asparagus, Mushrooms and Goat Cheese

Healthy Vegetarian Main - Quinoa with Asparagus, Mushrooms and Goat Cheese Recipe

I first tried goat cheese in a restaurant in a salad about 6 years ago. My food allergies had just started rearing their ugly head and I was out to eat with my family and needed to find something simple that I could eat so I didn't chew my arm off whilst everyone else ate. I went for a simple salad with goat cheese. SIL Mama thought my salad was going to be a total waste.... but fancy thinking a turophile was going to turn down any sort of cheese.

As it turns out, I loveeeeee goat cheese and I've been in love with it ever since. Mama ate her words and probably regretted letting me try one of the most expensive cheeses as it meant she then had to buy it for me ;P 

The creaminess, the unique flavour, the tartness - everything. I love goat cheese and nutella sandwiches, goat cheese in frittatas, goat cheese on salads, goat cheese in pasta - goat cheese on everything! 

Granted, I often use it in weird combinations (case in point) and goat cheese happens to disappear in a matter of days minutes when it enters the ice cold box of doom my refrigerator - but that just goes to show how good it is!

This quinoa with asparagus, mushrooms and goat cheese is so simple - but the goat cheese gives it a whole new level of flavour! We serve this both as a main or a side dish and it's so quick to put together! You have the slightly crisp asparagus, the juicy flavourful mushrooms and the warm nutty quinoa balanced out by the cool, slightly tart goat cheese. Helllllllloooooooooooo yum.

Now that I've made you hungry, let me give you the recipe! >>

Healthy Vegetarian Side Dish - Quinoa with Asparagus, Mushrooms and Goat Cheese Recipe

Quinoa with Asparagus, Mushrooms and Goat Cheese - serves 1-2 
 gluten free, vegetarian, low fat, nut free, clean eating friendly

1 serve cooked quinoa, cooked according to package instructions
~3/4 cup mushrooms, sliced (I recommend using portobello mushrooms but we also use button mushrooms) 
1/2 small bunch of asparagus, ends snapped off and chopped into 1 inch lengths
 1-2 tablespoons of goat cheese
1 small clove of garlic, crushed
Fresh basil leaves, sliced  

Cook your quinoa according to package instructions and set aside. 
Sauté your mushrooms, asparagus and garlic until softened (adding a bit of water if needed so that they don't stick), seasoning with salt and pepper to taste.
Mix in your quinoa and basil leaves, adding extra salt and pepper if desired. 
Mix through your goat cheese and serve immediately. 

But tell me, are you a goat cheese fan? 
What's your favourite way to eat it? 


  1. Delicious! I'm not a huge fan of goat cheese, but I can imagine that this salad would be just as yummy with my favourite feta. Thanks Kristy for another delicious recipe :)

  2. Kristy @ Southern In-LawMarch 31, 2014 at 4:25 PM

    It most certainly could, Amy! xx


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