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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Recipe: Apple Buckwheat Breakfast Cake

Healthy Apple Buckwheat Breakfast Cake Recipe -  low fat, gluten free, sugar free

What does Kristy do when she has a million and one apples in her fruit bowl to use up? Why, she makes an Apple Breakfast Bake of course!

Sure I could make apple pie - but I'm really lazy and hate making pastry or even using pastry so pies are out of the question - so I went with the easy option :P 

The chunks of apple throughout this breakfast cake/bake take it to a wholeeee new level of deliciousness. There's little bursts of flavour throughout the cake and they're delicious either hot or cold. Now that the weather is getting colder, I'm finding myself wanting more autumn/winter foods - warming spices, apples, pumpkin - warm, comforting and perfect for the season.

I'm usually a fan of cold breakfast bakes whilst Jesse likes them warm - but this cake had me struggling to decide every morning I ate it as it's delicious both ways. Cold with some mascarpone or cream cheese on top or warmed with melty peanut butter - yum, yum, yuuumm. It's perfect warmed up in winter too as it'll warm you up from the inside out.

But I'll stop drooling and share the recipe with you >> 

Apple Buckwheat Breakfast Cake - healthy, low fat, gluten free, sugar free

Apple Buckwheat Breakfast Cake serves 4-6 
gluten free, low fat, clean eating friendly, sugar free 

1 cup (120g) buckwheat flour 
1/2 cup (~50g) gluten free oat flour (ground from GF rolled oats)
1 tsp baking powder 
1/4 tsp baking soda 
1 tsp cinnamon 
3/4 cup (~190g) yogurt 
2/3 cup (~160g) unsweetened applesauce
1 egg 
2 tsp vanilla 
1 apple, diced 
Optional: 1/4C - 1/3C honey or maple syrup if you like things sweeter

  • Preheat your oven to 180°C/355°F
  • Grease and/or line an 8" round cake tin. 
  • Combine all of your dry ingredients in a medium mixing bowl. 
  • Add in your yogurt, applesauce, egg and vanilla and mix until just combined. 
  • Stir through your chopped apple and pour into your cake tin.
  • Bake for 30-45 minutes or until cooked through and golden on top and a skewer inserted into the cake removes clean.
  • Allow to cool before slicing and top with whatever you like! 
  • This cake will remain fresh stored in the fridge for a few days or can be frozen (sealed in ziplock bags) for months. 

But tell me, if you had a bunch of apples to use up, what would you do with them? 
For me it's either some kind of apple cake (the SIL family always requests this Apple Almond Cake), an apple crumble or some kind of baked oatmeal or breakfast bake!


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