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Friday, May 16, 2014

Recent Things: DIYing, Souper Soup & Super Fun Time! (RT#13)

Friday again! This week actually started off pretty slow, but then all of a sudden it's Friday again?! We have a crazy busy weekend planned so I can't really say I'm looking forward to relaxing - but two days without "real work" are always fine with me ;P 

But let's get onto these recent things, shall we?!

DIY Project - Re-doing an Old Park Bench

Recent Projects: Jesse and I are currently redoing this old park style bench that was my Pa's as somewhat of a gift to my parents. 

It was all weathered and rusty and looked like it could fall apart at any moment so we're currently sanding, derusting, brushing and spray painting so it'll look brand spanking new by the time that we're finished! 

So far, so good!

ALDI Fajita Pan Healthy Fajitas

Recent Yums: Jesse bought this fajita pan from ALDI (Jesse is just like my Dad and totally dangerous when shopping because he needs to buy ALL THE THINGS!) so I made him some healthy beef fajitas for  dinner which were a major success. For some reason it looks like I've only fed him like a bird here but there was more there than it looks ;P 

Recent Realisation: Chocolate truffles are seriously the most annoying things to make - and I should trust my gut when I think a recipe isn't right. We're making chocolate truffles tonight for our youth group so I prepared them in advance (as there's no way we could have made them from scratch, rolled them and then coated them in an hour and a half) and I totally regretted ever saying I'd make them ;P

Resurrection TV

Recent Annoyance: Having another tv show that I actually like end.. womp womp! That said, we only have half a month left until Beauty and the Beast comes back and I get to drool about that Vincent Keller once more ;) 

I never ever like tv shows (I usually play with my phone/iPad or write up recipe ideas whilst everyone else watches tv) so when I like something it's a major bummer when the season ends.

Super Fun Time at Oatley Anglican Church

Recent Excitement: I'm excited about our weekend! Our Church is having a fete stall event for the community with a bit of a difference, everything is completely free! So whether it's visiting the petting zoo or having a coffee no one will have to pay a cent! If you live in Sydney, you can find out more about the event here - Jesse and I will both be there and there will be some sort of Southern In-Law style cake to enjoy at the cafe! 

Homemade Soup

Recent Success: Last night I made theeeeeeeeee best soup I've eaten in years. You see, I can't have stock (vegetable stock or chicken stock usually contains either gluten or is made up of all of the vegetables I can't eat) and I also can't eat onion - but I managed to make a flavourful ridiculously delicious soup without either! 

Recent Competitions: Well, I'm giving way two delicious Blue Diamond Almond Prize Packs - and Leanne from Healthful Pursuit is giving away a Vitamix as part of the promotions for her Vibrant Life Cleanse eBook (and if you're a smoothie lover, the smoothie recipes are amaaaazing!)

But tell me, how has your week been? 
What's the best thing you ate/watched/read this week?

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