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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SIL Style: Creating an Industrial Inspired Office Space

I always say I can't wait til Jesse and I have our own home so that we can have space - but the truth is, I can't wait to fill that space. 

I absolutely love interior design - to the point where I used to want to be an interior designer.... but then I left school and started my photography business and then started KISS Freelance so I could work as a photographer, copywriter, web designer, graphic designer, recipe development and social media consultant. 

Who knows... maybe one day I'll add freelance interior design to that list too ;P  

I've always loved mixing industrial and traditional/vintage elements (I mean, take a look at our wedding reception) and I love piecing together inspiration boards so I thought I'd share my tips for creating the perfect industrial inspired office space.

  1. Research, research, research
    I'm a planner so I always plan what I'm going to do before I do it - especially when it comes to decorating! Take the time to think about your space and how you're going to fill it. Look for furniture pieces and patterns that you love and think about how you can incorporate them into your room.

    The last thing you want to do is buy two pieces of furniture that totally clash... or worse... don't even fit into your room.

    Pinterest has so many incredible images of industrial inspired interiors which will help you decide what you want - but don't be afraid to think outside of the box! Show off your style whilst using the elements you love from your inspiration pieces. 
  2. Work with what you've got 
    You don't have to start entirely from scratch - and you don't need to order pieces from faraway lands. Most of the fun in designing a room comes from making a space your own. Team recycled timbers with a natural palette and soft furnishings and soften industrial looking pieces with fine ceramics and pops of colour. 
  3. Texture is key!
    Texture adds so much character -that's why it's so important and that's why aged pieces of furniture works so well. Wear and team, knocks and bumps can add character - but be careful not to add too much character and just go with junk ;)

    Try op-shops and furniture auctions for hidden beauties - when preparing for our wedding we found a bunch of vintage furniture pieces which we stripped back and re-did to fit in with our rustic theme. Sandpaper is your friend, friends - it's going to stop you from spending squillions on something you can do yourself. 
  4. Show off your personality
    Trinkets and bits and bobs add personality to a room - and the most unlikely items can be used. Store your pens and pencils in big inexpensive glass jars with metal lids and use an industrial inspired bookshelf to display your favourite books.

    In our office, I have all of my buttons stored in vintage style glass jars, separated into colours and it adds a pop of colour, keeps my craft items in an easy to find location and looks great. 
  5. DIY! 
    If you've got a piece of furniture that you love but it doesn't quite fit the room - make it fit! Whether you're spray painting a chair or reupholstering a sofa, DIY projects are way easier than you think and there are so many how-to's online! 
  6. Colour is your friend
    Pops of colour are a must for an industrial inspired room. You're probably working with neutral tones so you want to add some colour and interest. Try a funky chair or a knitted ottoman like the one above (from Kmart!)
  7. Choose a staple piece
    Choose one piece that will act as the focal point of your room - whether it's an incredible desk that you love or a comfy chair with a great pattern. Use this piece to inspire the rest of your room.
  8. Make it your own
    The best rooms are those that are unique. You want your space to have character and individuality and you want it to be something that you will love as you're the one spending time in it!
  9. Keep your walls neutral
    You want your furniture and decor pieces to shine - so keep the walls neutral. Think stone tones, greys and muted browns. Also be sure to consider the affect the lighting in your room is going to have on these colours. 
  10. Be mindful of scale
    It's all well and good to go big or go home but you don't want your room to feel overwhelming or cramped. Keep the size of your room in mind when picking out furniture and decor pieces. 
  11. Bring nature in! 
    Plants work brilliantly in an industrial inspired space as they add a lived in warmth to a room. Leaf based plants work best as they don't overwhelm the space, however, delicate flowers can be a great juxtaposition! 
  12. Less is more
    When it comes to an industrial inspired space, less really is more. Choose wisely! You want to have just a few wow pieces in your room so be careful that you don't choose decor pieces (for example, throw cushions or rugs) that compete with the other elements of your room. 
  13. Modern pieces are an industrial room's BFF 
    The industrial style works really well with modern clean line furniture so try mixing and matching pieces. 
  14. Remember that your room can evolve overtime
    What it is today doesn't have to be what it is in a year's time. The best rooms are those which evolve with you. 

 Now, if you are looking to put together your own industrial inspired space, be sure to check out The Orient Express.

We are absolutely in love with their mix of vintage, industrial and oriental furniture and decor pieces and they have just opened their first pop up shop in Melbourne!

The Orient Express Pop Up Shop is open at 158 Bay Street, Port Melbourne and focuses on their new Express Living Collection, however, it's only open for a short time!

 We're wishing we could get on down to Melbourne to visit and explore what they've got in store but I know my wallet is probably glad it's safe in Sydney.

But it's not really safe... because you can also order online through their website. I'm already eyeing off these ceramic planters and so much more.

But tell me, are you an interior design fan?
Are you more taken by industrial inspired style or are you more of a traditional/modern/vintage/eclectic fan?

This was a sponsored post for The Orient Express. All opinions expressed in this post and interior design tips are completely our own and have not been influenced by the company in any way. If you're interested in working with Southern In-Law on a sponsored post, please contact us at for more information.

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