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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Women's Gift Guide 2014

Craybands Hair Bands/Bracelets and Headbands
Who for? Anyone! Craybands are seriously my favourite casual accessory and I'm constantly wearing them. The new colours and the charms are awesome (seriously, how cute is this Jewel Set I've been eyeing off!) and they now have brand new hair pins!

How much? Bands are $9.95 for a set of 4 (or $9.95 for a set of 5 basics), Hair Pins are $9.95 for a set of 3 and Headbands are $9.95 for a set of 2

Where do I find it? Purchase them online at the Craybands Store

Recommended? I'm currently loving this Jewel Set ($9.95), the Barrier Reef Set ($9.95) and Freedom Headbands ($9.95)

Who for? Any girl who loves jewelry! NAJO have so many beautiful pieces to suit every kind of personality! 

How much? Prices range - in the gift guide's main image is the I Left My Rose Heart in Mexico Bracelet ($99- sterling silver and rose gold plated) and on the right is the Dreams of Infinity Sterling Silver Bracelet ($79)

Where do I find it? Purchase online at NAJO

Who for? A beachy, summer loving girl - havaianas are the perfect summer thong as they're comfy and come in so many cute designs!

How much? RRP $24.99 for Basics - $29.99 for Metallic/Printed Designs and up to $49.99 for luxury styles

Where do I find it? Purchase them online at the Havaianas Website or one of their stockists

Recommended? I'm loving the Slim Lace White/Pink Design ($29.99), Slim Sunny Black/Pink ($29.99) and the Flash Urban Sandal-like Design ($29.99)

Who for? The hostess with the mostess or a friend who loves a handwritten note. The Lets Eat set is perfect for Foodies and Dinner Party Queens and the Heart Set is cute and classic whilst the Monogram Sets are perfect for anyone!

How much?  $49.95 per set

Where do I find it? Online at French Navy

Who for? Anyone with a smart phone. I cannot live without my Otterbox. It's the first thing I bought after getting my iPhone and the first thing I bought Jesse when he moved here (as I'd watched him narrowly avoid smashing his screen thousands of times). Jesse and I drop our phones way too many times a day - but thanks to our Otterboxes they're still in one piece! 

How much? Between $34.95 to $109.95, depending on style

Where do I find it? Purchase online at Otterbox or find them in store at retailers such as JB Hi-Fi, Office Works, Telstra Shop or Big W.

Who for? Again, anyone with a smart phone! I don't know about you, but I'm finding my iPhone charger is constantly breaking - and I have at least three scattered around the house and one in the car as my battery is always dying. 

How much? $19.95-$34.95, depending on style

Where do I find it? Online at Belkin or at one of their retailers 

Recommended? A charging dock! ($39.95) I'm seriously in need of a dock so I hopefully stop breaking cables :P 

Who for? Any lolly loving lady! This is the perfect personalised gift which is especially great for family and friends who are interstate as you can send it directly to them! You get to choose the lollies to fill the jar and the message that the jar will have and Lolly Mail send it straight to the lucky recipient! They even have gluten free options!

How much? Prices start at $39

Where do I find it?
 Online at Lolly Mail

Who for? These PJs are perfect for anyone - because you can never have enough cute, comfy pjs, right?! Best of all, The Goodnight Society PJs are fairtrade and sweat shop free - so everyone involved with the company gets good night's sleep!

How much? Pictured: Give us a T! Shirt ($44.95) and Hello Mrs Shorts ($44.95) 

Where do I find it? Online at The Goodnight Society

Who for? Whether you're gifting this to the Hostess with the Mostess or the Happy Homemaker, this is a set everyone will love as it smells divine

How much? $39.90 

Where do I find it? Purchase online at Circa Home or in-store at one of their many stockists.

Who for? Anyone who loves to pamper themselves - or who is in need of some great pampering and relaxation!

How much? Prices range based on product - Tonic gift packs are a great Christmas option with prices ranging from $50-145

Where do I find it?
 Online at Tonic 

Recommended? The Signature Eye Pillow is so relaxing and reminds me of yoga savasana sessions at my favourite studio and their cosmetic bags are super cute!

Who for? Any girl, really, as the curl secret makes it ridiculously simple to achieve beautiful curly locks! At the moment, you can also get your curl secret with a bonus Little Joe bag which is super cute and perfect for storing and transporting your Curl Secret! 

How much? RRP $172.95

Where do I find it? At one of their many stockists, both online or in-store

Who for? Anyone in need of a bit of pampering - this set will have you feeling like you've just left the spa and you'll smell amazing.

How much? RRP $52

Where do I find it? Online at Dermalogica or at one of their many stockists.

Who for? I swear by rose hip oil so this is a gift set I'd recommend to anyone - especially someone who is struggling with skin issues. The set is filled with five different products which really do revive the skin and make you feel great!

How much? RRP $29.95

Where do I find it? Online at Kosmea or in-store at one of their many stockists.

Who for? Anyone! I'll admit it, I wasn't sure the Tangle Teezer could stand up to my unruly hair, but it has been an absolute lifesaver! I keep the compact styler in my purse to tidy up my hair (especially on windy days!) when I'm out and about and it manages to completely smooth and untangle my thick, curly hair!

How much? RRP $34.95

Where do I find it? Online at Tangle Teezer or in-store at Priceline

Who for? Any girl who loves to have beautiful hair! Not only does this straightener work incredibly well, the vintage style of it is super cute. SIL Sister is a bit of a beauty snob but she was blown away by how much she loved this straightener!

How much? $89

Where do I find it? Online at Glamaco

Argan Oil Gift Set
Who for? Any beauty loving babe! Argan Oil is my secret weapon for beautiful, frizzless hair as it stops my hair from drying out, manages the frizz and keeps it healthy. 

How much? Prices vary from store to store, but you're looking at around $30 for the set.

Where do I find it? I couldn't find the exact set, however, I've seen it in two local hair supply stores. You can find each of the individual products here at RY - I highly recommend the shampoo/conditioner and treatment spray!

Who for? Again, these make the perfect stocking stuffer for any beauty loving babe! Colour Theory have a great range of products to suit every need - from nail polishes and lip glosses to eye shadows and lip liners!

How much? Prices range depending on products

Where do I find it? At your local Amcal Pharmacy!

Who for? This gift set contains Racinne's Ultimate Hydra Perfection Advanced Luminous Gel, Gentle Refining Scrub and Countour Brightening Eye Care and uses natural antioxidants to help repair skin damaged by the enviornment whilst facilitating skin regeneration and hydrating and locking in cell nutrients for a youthful radiant glow. This set is perfect for anyone in need of some pampering!

How much? RRP $59

Where do I find it? Purchase it online at Racinne

Who for? Any woman - seriously. I was skeptical about how well the VisaPure would work but I soon became hooked when I saw how much my face loved it. Not only does my skin feel so much cleaner, it looks so much healthier too!

How much? RRP $199.95 - priced currently at around $125

Where do I find it? Online or in-store at Harvey Norman, Myer or The Good Guys

Who for? This is a strong, feminine scent perfect for many women (not all as everyone has different tastes!) with combined notes of cactus blossom, rose and cedar wood.

How much? At $122 for 75ml/2.5oz | $95 for 50ml/1.6 oz | $70.50 for 30ml/1 oz

Where do I find it? Available here at

Who for? Coconut screams summer for me and coconut body lotion is what I tend to stick to throughout the warmer months. This Coconut Nourishing Body Cream is perhaps the best I've found over the years and is also totally natural!

How much? RRP $19.95

Where do I find it? Available online at A Nourished Life

Who for? This is the perfect gift idea for any beauty buff in your life! This liquid highlighter highlights, brightens and adds dimensions to the face and allows you to achieve a luminous, dewy glow.

How much? $42

Where do I find it? Online at Ellie Makeup

Who for? Anyone - the perfect stocking stuffer/last minute gift idea! If you ask me, you can never have too many moisturisers or lip balms and Ecostore have some of my favourite products. All of the products are made without any nasty additives or chemicals so they're gentle on the skin and they have everything from skin care to hand and body wash and even hair care products

How much? Prices range depending on product

Where do I find it? Available at the ecostore online store or in-store at Woolworths or one of their other stockists

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