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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How To Be Healthier, Happier & More Organised!

Well, the holidays are over and it's time to get back to reality. I'm actually one of those weirdos who loves starting a new work year as it means I can put new practices in place and because it means I get a new planner (and I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee planners and notebooks). 

This year, I thought I'd share some of my must-practice organisation tips to help you have a happier, healthier and less stressed 2015! 

So let me share my simple tips for being more organised this year! >>

1. Get a Planner You Love
Everyone has different needs, so everyone needs a different kind of planner. The kind of planner you want to choose is one that suits your life. I've chosen three different planners that suit a number of different lifestyles, so let's take a look at those; 

  • OTI Organiser
    pictured in Mint Green $29.99 inc GST

    I love this planner so much. It's simple, easy to use and has a spot for everything I need and it looks cute too!

    The OTI Organiser has;
    - an inside pocket for loose papers (ie: Kristy's numerous recipe scribbles that have yet to be organised)
    - a week-to-a-page format with both meal planning and exercise planning sections
    - to-do and people to contact sections
    - an entertaining section for planning get together's with friends (including the menu, people attending, recipes etc)
    - a going away section for planning vacations (including a packing list, accommodation details, itinerary etc)
    - a portable contacts book
    - a portable special information section for keeping account details/passwords etc
    - an inside back cover with refillable post-it notes, a pen loop and pen, a bookmark ribbon and an elastic enclosure.

    What we love? The ability to plan our day, exercise, menu and to-do list all in the one place.
    Who would this suit? Anyone really! It's perfect for anyone with a love for healthy living (thanks to the menu planning and exercise aspects), busy Mums who need to keep up with their families, the working professional or the savvy socialite.
  • Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe Diary
     Diary in Pale Blue $39.99 | Make it Happen Planner Pad $9.99
  • Mi Goals 2015 Planners, Journals & Get Shit Done Books
    This is Your Year Diary $34.95 | Goals Journal $19.95| 2015 Diary $19.95 | Bucket List Journal $19.95 | Get Shit Done To-Do List $4.95 Each

    I love that Mi Goals literally have a planner for every single part of your life as I'm one of those people who feel the need to have a notebook/planner for every single part of their life.

    I'm not kidding, to the side of my "desk" you'll find a buffet unit (my desk is in the kitchen/dining room because it won't surprise you that I spend the majority of my days moving from kitchen to computer :P) that contains a drawer full of notebooks. There's notebooks for sweet recipes, savoury recipes, Christmas recipes, Easter recipes, chocolate recipes, raw recipes - to the point where I've had to create an excel document with what's in each notebook because I have a tendency to forget ;)

    What we love?
     The ability to have a notebook for just about every part of your life! I love the Goals Planner and I constantly have a Get Shit Done notebook on the go!Who would this suit? Anyone! There's something for everyone - my sister loves having the goals journal whilst Jesse and I are working on the bucket list planner together and my Mum loves the 2015 journal as it enables her to organise her work, family life and social life in one place.

2. Write To-Do Lists and Actually Do Them

It's probably safe to say I'm a bit of a to-do list addict - but it's all for a good reason. My to-do list obsession is actually the reason why I tend to be so productive - there's nothing that satisfies me more than ticking off a task and knowing I've completed what I had planned for the day.

As tasks, jobs or thoughts come to mind I quickly jot them down on my to-do list - this way I end up doing them, but I also never forget about those tasks until it's too late because I've written them down.

I keep a to-do list to the left of my keyboard, next to my mouse, as it's a place I'm always looking at and I also keep a pen next to it so I can scribble down things to do (I'm left handed too so that's the other reason it's there). Currently, the To-Do list I have to the left of me is the Things to Do Jotter Pad ($6 each) which is perfect for my daily to-do list!

I usually have both a daily and weekly to-do list running so I know exactly what I need to achieve. The Mi Goals "Get Shit Done" Notebook Collection ($4.95 each) is perfect for to-do lists, with tick boxes once you've completed a tasks and each list organised into date and subject.

I keep one in my purse ready to scribble down things to do when I'm out and about and keep another next to my read chair where I sit every morning to plan out my day. I love that it has multiple pages and a subject section so I can plan both my daily and weekly to do lists.

What we love? Being able to actually achieve your to-do's because they're right in your grasp.
Who would this suit? Anyone! I don't know a single person who doesn't have at least five items on their to-do list at any time ;P

3. Plan Ahead
This is when you begin to realise just why Kristy needs an entire drawer for her notebooks as I really do have one for everything. In addition to a daily to-do list, I love having a weekly plan set out on my desk to know what's coming up (especially when I have clients calling wanting to schedule meetings and I don't have time to flip through my planner) and what I've got to do. This Purple Butterfly Desk Jotter Pad is super cute and perfect for reminding yourself of what you've got to do!

What we love? Being able to see your week on a page - I find I never miss out on appointments or birthdays when I have my week plan in front of me!
Who would this suit? Anyone! If you're working at a desk, keep one by your desk - otherwise, attach some magnets on the back and pop it on the fridge!

4. Organise your Work Space/Planning Space
I don't know about you, but I never feel organised if my desk is messy. I tend to feel uncomfortable and cramped whilst working so it's really important to make your work space work for you.

As I where way too many hats (working as a writer, graphic designer, photographer, recipe developer and social media manager) I need notebooks by me (multiple notebooks for different reasons), my iPad and drawing tablet, my phone, pens and pencils, my weekly planner and daily to-do list and a big ol' bottle of water.

Everyone's space is going to be different - so don't spend too much time pondering Pinterest; instead think about what you need to work productively. Having things organised won't only look better - but it will save you the stress of searching for things because you'll know exactly where they are!

5. Take Time Each Morning to Think About the Day Ahead
I start each day in my big red chair (or recently on the couch whilst Josh was here and playing video games in our office) with my breakfast, cup of tea, Bible, journal and planners. I start each day reading the Bible and journaling and then plan my day by having a look at what I have scheduled for the day, what I need to do and then making a to-do list. 

Get in the habit of looking at your diary a week or two ahead, adding things to your to-do list that you need to prepare for (such as birthdays, dinner parties or events).

6. Prioritise
It's important to remember that you can't do everything. Often times people plan way too much in a day, then feel too stressed and throw the towel in and don't do anything at all. Think about what needs to be done in a day, what you'd like to have done that day and what can be done that day - if you achieve everything, that's awesome - but set yourself realistic expectations and prioritise your time.

I also like to organise my to-do list for different times of the day. I tackle more complicated tasks first thing in the morning and then keep my afternoons for lighter tasks as I tend to be more focused in the mornings - but you might find you're more productive in the afternoons. 

7. Plan Your Meals Too 
I plan our meals each Wednesday as the sales change at the supermarket. That way I can plan what we'll buy for the week and think about what we'll have for breakfast/lunch/dinner for the week ahead. The only day I don't usually plan for is Saturday (unless we have an at-home date night) as we're often out with friends or busy during the day and just want to flop on the couch with a simple dinner once we get home.

8. Fit in Time for Exercise
I always feel much more motivated when I exercise, so exercise is a really important part of my day. You always hear people saying that they don't have time for exercise - but the truth is, no one has time unless they make it. I schedule my day around exercise; walking around the park each morning after eating breakfast and journaling/planning my day, working out most afternoons (strength training/HIIT) with Jesse and then going for a quick walk in the evenings after dinner with my sister and/or puppies! 

9. Set Goals and Deadlines
It's all well and good to have a goal or a dream - but setting a deadline will often help to ensure you actually achieve that goal!

Mi Goals have both a Bucket List Journal (for long term goals) and a Goals Journal (for short term/immediate goals) that make it super easy to keep up with what you want to achieve - as well as the This Is Your Year Planner and 2015 Planner which both have sections for weekly goals!

When setting goals for myself, I always like to break them down into steps. For example, this year, I've decided that Southern In-Law needs a major overhaul, so to achieve that I need to; 
- Create a new logo for the blog 
- Design a new background/colour scheme for the blog 
- Consider recipe plug in options to find the best solution for you guys
- Consider what navigation system to use for the blog
- Consider what are our "main pages" that need to be easily accessible
- Consider changing our hosting/blog platform to be faster and more efficient

Setting yourself clear goals and deadlines will help you to stay organised, focused and motivated - and if you need some extra motivation, why not work towards a reward when it's completed? It can be something as simple as a lazy day at home with a great book - or something bigger like a massage or weekend away if it's a big project.

10. Take Some Time Out For Both You and Fun!
It's all well and good to be organised and achieve your goals - but you'll be at your happiest and healthiest if you make time for both yourself and a bit of fun!

For me, I like to take time out to read a good book or watch TV with Jesse (at the moment we're watching The Walking Dead as well as Doctor Who and Supernatural whenever new episodes air). When it comes to fun, for us it's all about scheduling in time to spend with our friends (Wednesday night bible study group - which is really more of a social group), barbeques with friends, dinner parties and also date nights (whether we head out to the movies or have an at-home date night with a yummy dinner, decadent dessert and a movie in bed).

Don't forget to look after yourself!

But tell me, do you have any tips for being happier, healthier or more organised?
And what do you like to do for a bit of you time?

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  1. I love my planner! I just got it the other day and was lost for a few days without it!


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