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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Travel: Our Travel Essentials for New Zealand

Our Travel Essentials for New Zealand

The countdown is on! We fly out to beautiful New Zealand in just two short days.

We'll be travelling around the North Island for 16 days and packing in every adventure possible - and of course, we'll be taking you along on the journey with us through our blog posts once we're back home and Facebook and Instagram posts whilst we're there.

But before we head off, we've got to pack our bags! I thought I'd share some of our travel essentials for this trip as I think they should be on everyone's must pack lists!

So here's what we're taking along with us! >>

Our Travel Essentials for New Zealand - Cameras
My cameras
This one goes without saying! I never travel without my cameras... but this trip there's a few extras along for the ride which I'll tell you about in a sec. My standard two are always my DSLR "Big Bertha" and "Little Blue Lou"; my little digital camera. 

Our Travel Essentials for New Zealand - Instax Mini Polaroid Camera
Photo here
Instax Mini 50S
This is one of our newest toys! I love experimenting with different cameras and accessories and I am so excited to play around with polaroid shots in NZ! (If you're interested, you can get these at Kmart, Target & Big W as well as other retailers!)

Philips Shaver Series 7000
This might seem like an odd addition - but Jesse will not stop talking about this shaver. He has super sensitive skin and always uses an electric shaver, however, in the past he's had quite a few duds or been irritated by the need to charge them after every use. This one holds charge for 50 minutes of shaving time - meaning he probably won't even need to charge it during the trip! It also comes with a travel case so nothing gets damaged!

Our Travel Essentials for New Zealand - Good Walking Shoes - What Shoes to Pack for Vacation
Good Walking Shoes 
I always want  to pack more shoes than I need whenever we go on vacation - so I always have to stick to a rule. My rule for most trips is pretty simple; one pair of nice shoes, one pair of comfy casual shoes (for walking around/shopping etc) and one pair of sneakers. This trip I'm wearing my nice shoes on the plane and packing my sneakers and my current favourite Volley Piper Flats!

Our Travel Essentials for New Zealand - Flipbelt
As we're doing lots of walking and exploring, I don't want to be lugging my handbag everywhere. This is where my Flipbelt comes in handy! I have a bright pink flipbelt (being a pink loving girl!) and looks can be deceiving as this tiny little thing can fit my phone, wallet, camera, digital camera, keys and credit cards/cash. I bought a small even though I'm usually an XS as I wear it around my hips and I wanted to be able to cram enough stuff in there :P That said, I'm thinking of buying an XS for running so it's snugger and I don't need the extra room as it will only be holding my iPhone!

Our Travel Essentials for New Zealand - Roaming Cooking Collapsible Containers
Roaming Cooking Collapsible Containers
As a coeliac with a million and one allergies/intolerances, I simply cannot travel without some sort of food in my luggage. Usually I pack containers too as I'm often packing lunches/breakfasts etc throughout the trip, however, containers tend to be really bulky and hassle-some. This is where my new favourite travel essentials come in.... these Collapsible Containers from Roaming Cooking are brilliant. They collapse on themselves to store flat and pop out to full sized containers - and they can be used in the oven and microwave!

I mean, they even have a collapsible camping kettle... can you say genius?!

Our Travel Essentials for New Zealand - TomTom Bandit
TomTom Bandit 
As we're doing lots of hiking, biking and a few surprise adventures - we want to make sure we capture every second! We ummed and ahhed over different action cameras - but the TomTom Bandit definitely came out on top! It's teeny tiny, has a million and one accessories (including GoPro adapters so you can use GoPro accessories!) and connects with your iPhone so you can edit and share your photos and videos in seconds! 

Be prepared for plenty of footage shared on Facebook and Instagram, friends!

Our Travel Essentials for New Zealand - SPI Belt

SPI Belt 
This one's for Jesse! Not a fan of lycra but still wanting an easy way to safely carry his phone and essentials, Jesse opted for the SPIbelt for this trip. It looks teeny tiny but expands to fit all your essentials - from your phone and money/cards to your passport! You can wear it either around your waist - or extend the belt to fit around your arm/chest like a mini backpack!

Our Travel Essentials for New Zealand - Hydrapak Collapsible Water Bottle
As we'll be doing lots during this trip - we need to keep hydrated! But few things frustrate me more than hiking or walking around with empty water bottles after I've finished with them. Not only do they take up unnecessary room - they're a pain to carry around too. The Hydrapak Soft Flask comes in three sizes (we went for the 750mls) and are made of super strong silicone that collapses on itself as you're drinking. When you're finished with the water, they flatted out and take up only the tiniest bit of space. Best of all, they're lightweight too so you're not lugging around unnecessary weight!

Spotify Premium 
As we'll be doing lots of driving, we need lots of music. One thing that always frustrates me when driving long distances is the radio. You can be listening to one station for hours and all of a sudden it drops out when you get too far out and you're stuck searching for a decent channel. 

We're avoiding that frustration with Spotify Premium as we have our playlist ready to go and, as a Spotify Premium member, we have access to all of that music offline - meaning we don't need wifi or data to listen to our favourite songs! 

Our roadtrip playlist is below - and you can even follow it to add the playlist to your own Spotify Account! And you can also find it here - just click follow to add it to your account!

But tell me, what are you travel essentials?
Do you have any packing rules/tips?

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