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Monday, January 4, 2016

Kick Start The New Year - Our Favourite Protein Snacks

Kick Start the New Year - Our Favourite Australia Protein Snacks Review - protein bars, protein bites, protein shakes

Hello my sweets! We're currently exploring beautiful New Zealand, however, before we left, we decided that January was the perfect time to share some of our favourite protein snacks with you! 

As many are thinking about their New Year's Resolutions, we thought you'd give you some tips to kick start the new year - and what better way to start that with some delicious snacks to keep you fueled and on track! 

Protein bars and protein powders can be expensive - and it's hard to know what to choose! We've taken the mystery out of the selection and rounded up the best of the best gluten free protein snacks to share with you!

Here's our favourite protein snacks of the moment! >> 

Slim Secrets Mintabolism Boost Protein Bar Review - cheap protein Australia

Slim Secrets' Mintabolism Boost Bar 
Available at Coles, Woolworths and Online at Slim Secrets - find out more here.

This is one of my absolute favourite protein bars. The crunchy centre is covered in a delicious mint chocolate coating. With 11.9g protein per bar, this is the perfect protein packed treat to keep you going and is the perfect healthy sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Body Ripped Nutrition Lean Protein Dessert Review - cheap protein Australia

Body Ripped's Lean Protein Dessert 
Available online at BSN as well as selected stockists - find out more here.

These taste just like pudding cups, however, they're filled with around 13g of protein. They're the perfect protein packed dessert or sweet snack to keep you going! Available in Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana.

Smart Living Nutrition Love Me Low Carb Bars and Bites - cheap protein Australia

Smart Living Nutrition's Love Me Low Carb Bars & Bites 
Available at Woolworths - find out more here.

The Apple & Cinnamon Bar isn't gluten free, however, I had to include it as it's Jesse's all time favourite. Luckily for me, the protein bites are gluten free and absolutely delish! The Nougat & Caramel is one of my favourites and I always have one stashed away in my bag!

Paleolicious Paleo Protein Powder Review - cheap protein Australia

Paleolicious' Protein Powders
Available online at Paleolicious - find out more here.

Paleolicious' Whey & Cacao Protein Powder is one of my favourite protein powders of ALL time. The only problem? The package unforunately isn't never ending (sad face). Whenever I'm at home, you'll find me blending up a delicious smoothie with this protein powder. 

Slim Secrets Protein Indulgence Shake Review - cheap protein Australia

Slim Secrets' Protein Indulgence Shakes
Available online at Slim Secrets or selected stockists - find out more here.

When you don't have access to a blender but still feel like a shake, Slim Secrets' Protein Indulgence Shakes are exactly what you need!

Quest Bar Protein Bars Review - cheap protein in Australia

Quest Nutrition's Quest Bars 
Available online at Quest Nutrition and in-store at Coles or Woolworths (we get ours from iHerb here as they're much cheaper and you can get all of the flavours!)

Quest bars have a bit of a cult following - and it's no wondering why. With delicious flavours like pumpkin pie (my current FAVE!), cookies and cream, mint chocolate chunk and smores  (all of which are gluten free!) and packed with around 20g of protein per bar, they're the perfect protein packed snack option!

Rokeby Farms Whole Protein Breakfast Smoothie Review - cheap protein Australia

Rokeby Farms' Whole Protein Breakfast Smoothies
Available online at Coles or Woolworths - find out more here.

Whilst they're called breakfast smoothies, we treat these as protein packed treats. They taste like the most decadent milkshake and are packed with 30 grams of protein per bottle. Whilst I wish they came out with a naturally sweetened (or stevia sweetened!) version, these are a great option when you're out and about and in need of something fast as you can pick them up at almost any Coles or Woolworths store. Best of all? They're made of all natural protein - no protein powders or soy in sight!

Slim Secrets Chia Protein Puds Review - cheap protein Australia

Slim Secrets' Protein Puds 
Available at Coles or Woolworths or online at Slim Secrets - find out more here.

If I could have a never ending tub of something, it would have to be Slim Secret's Salted Caramel Indulgence Protein Pud. Helllllllllllloooooooooo heaven. These Chia Puds are naturally sweetened, low fat and packed with all natural protein for a sweet but guilt free treat.

The Bar Counter High Protein Gluten Free Bars Review - high protein snacks Australia

The Bar Counters' Protein Bars 
Available at Coles or Woolworths - find out more here

These bars are a great sweet snack option, with flavours like Mint Choc Crunch, Chocolate Brownie Crunch, Raspberry Truffle, Dark Chocolate Almond and Chocolate Date Fig and Amaranth. They have around 10g of protein per bar and are readily available at supermarkets across the country.

Well Naturally High Protein Mini Bars Review - cheap protein Australia

Well Naturally' High Protein Mini Bars
Available at Coles or Woolworths - find out more here

The only problem with these bars is that they seem to disappear in our house! Covered in delicious chocolate and with flavours like cherry delight, peppermint surprise and double choc, they seem just like protein packed chocolate bars - and they're a delicious snack or dessert option for everyone. Now we just need to find a way to make a never ending pack ;) 

Jarrow Formulas Unflavoured Whey Protein Review - cheap protein powders Australia

Jarrow Formulas' Unflavoured Whey Protein
Available at iHerb (way cheaper than what you can find in stores!)

This protein powder is our go-to when making any of our protein packed treats! As it's unflavoured, it works with just about every recipe; sweet or savoury. We use it to make protein pizza bases, protein cupcakes and everything inbetween!

But tell me, what are your favourite protein packed favourites? 
And what are your go-to snacks when you're out and about or travelling?


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