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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Apple Picking Adventures & Random Tidbits from Kristy's Brain

Apple Picking Adventures in Bilpin NSW and Random Tidbits from Kristy's Brain

To be honest, I'm starting this post with no idea what I'll end up with once I reach the bottom, however, let's go with it, friends! 

You see, this was the thought process happening in my brain; 
"I'm going to share the photos from our apple picking adventures on the blog"
"Well you could do that, but that could also be really boring" 
"Hmm... you're right... maybe I need to share some random things about me because I've been getting lots of emails about exactly that"
"But what about those apple picking photos... and what exactly are you going to share?"
"Hmm... let's just throw it all together, start on a post and see where it goes"

And here we are, friend... now, before you go calling the nut house to have me locked up for talking to myself; I promise I don't have multiple personality disorder.... and I promise I'm only a "good amount" of crazy ;) 

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

But back to the apple picking! Just like last year, we headed west (well technically north-west as I just googled the directions to make sure I wasn't telling you a lie) to Bilpin to go apple picking on Saturday. This time we picked up our friends, Lucie and Alban who had wanted to go apple picking since seeing our photos last year. 

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

We headed back to the same orchard once again. Now, there are dozens and dozens of orchards on Bells Line of Road, however, Jesse told me that we had to go back to the same one?

Why? Because they let you eat the apples... 

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

If you ask Jesse, he'll tell you that the best way to pick apples is with a basket in one hand, picking apples in the other and holding the apple you're eating in your mouth - only stopping to take a bite. 

And I have to say I agree... 

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

And the only thing better than an apple picking adventure is an apple picking adventure with friends! If you've seen any of the photos Jesse and I have had taken, you'd notice they're all by the same photographer.

Why? Well, first and foremost because Lucie is an incredible photographer - but also because Lucie and Alban went from being our wedding photographers to becoming our friends!

Lucie is originally from Czech and her and Alban have been through all of the same visa processes and long distance dramas that Jesse and I went through and we hit it off from the first time we met!

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

That's how the best friendships start, in my opinion! I don't know about you, but I really don't have any friends from high school and most of my childhood friends have moved away so our friends today are ones we've met either randomly, through church, through the blog - or people who were once clients/photographers/cake decorators/makeup artists that morphed into friends. 

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

Speaking of friends moving away, I don't know if I've told you... but if you ever really want to move overseas, all you have to do is become my friend. Why? 

Well, we call it the Kristy curse. You see, ever since I was younger, I've found that every time I get really close with someone, all of a sudden they move away! Every year since I was around 8, at least one of our friends has moved away. 

It started with my best friend in primary school who moved to Queensland and since then we've had friends move to Adelaide (hey Tea!), San Fransisco, South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Western Australia, New Zealand and even Italy. Since it happens without fail every single year, Jesse always jokes that I better watch out because I don't know which friend is going to leave next. 

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

Luckily, however, Jesse was the first person to break that trend and move TO me :P Now we just have to hope it stays that way, right?! 

We're actually in the middle of sending of Jesse's final visa so that he can become a permanent resident of Australia. If you've ever worked on government papers before, you'd know that it involves a lot of work and so naturally, I've been procrastinating...... a lot... 

I've got to photocopy every identifying document under the sun, have it all witnessed and authorised by a JP, scan it all in and upload it onto the immigration department database and then wait for it to be approved. Let's just say, I'll be very glad when it's all over.

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

Luckily, this guy is worth all the hard work. I married a pretty awesome man - so awesome, in fact, that he even watched Kimmy Schmidt with me last night because I didn't get to finish it all on Friday. 

Even better? He loved it. BOOM! Now they just need to come out with the third season because I won't have to wait to watch it on my own. 

Kimmy watching friends, I want to know - what did you think about the new season? I thought the earlier episodes were awesome but then somewhere towards the end I thought it got a little less awesome... just a little bit - but I still have two more episodes to go!

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

I'll let you in on a little random secret too.... apparently a lot of you liked my outfit from Saturday, however, the truth is.... I actually have no idea when it comes to fashion (thus I will never be a fashion blogger) and this outfit was put together only because I wanted to wear my gumboots. 

You see, I bought these gumboots on sale last year and I've worn them a grand total of three times, however, I knew they'd be perfect for apple picking as it had been raining and last time my sneakers were covered in mud.

So yeah, I'm never going to be a pinterest fashion sensation or an award winning fashion blogger - but I can kind of make an outfit work solely for the purpose of including one specific item :P 

Oh and the scarf matching the boots? That was incidental because Jesse told me I'd be freezing without a jacket (I wasn't) so the scarf was our compromise (though really, what was a scarf going to do to keep me warm, silly husband!).... and I just so happened to have a red scarf in my way-too-big collection of scarves. 

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

Another random fact about me? I loveee flowers but I hate buying them and I don't like receiving them as gifts. Why? Because cut flowers die and I feel like, whilst beautiful, they're a total waste of money. 

Jesse knows not to buy me flowers because I'll get upset when they die (and also because I'd probably get offended because he knows I don't like them, ha!) - but luckily for him, there are plenty of other things I like. 

Whilst I'm not someone who needs gifts and who doesn't like extravagant presents, Jesse knows that a cute bowl or plate or a funny mug is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit - or null null chocolate or peanut butter. 

I cannot resist cute kitchenware/bakeware - ever. 

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

I also can't resist a good bargain or cute/silly clothes - and that's why I have a bit of an eBay addiction... and a collection of random leggings. I've got Disney Princess leggings, Zelda leggings, Sailor Moon and cute unicorn t-shirts - all of which I've most likely bought on eBay for less than $5 :P 

Luckily my husband doesn't mind that my wardrobe is an eclectic mix of childish and professional. Whilst I may head out on work meetings in blazers and blouses, at home you'll most likely find me in a t-shirt that has either some sort of character/unicorn/silly slogan and leggings or "hippie shorts" (tasseled cotton shorts - that's just what they're known as in our house). 

And you ask me why I'm not a fashion blogger. Ha! 

Apple Picking in Bilpin NSW - Pick Your Own Fruit Orchard, Bilpin Springs

And now I'm all out of photos so, if you made it to the end of this post... I'm pretty sure you deserve a medal... but an impressive medal... not one of those cheap plastic ones you get when you're a kid, a legit heavy metal medal (is that what medals are made out of - clearly not someone who excelled at sport as a child as I have a grand total of ZERO medals). 

If you're currently thinking "please Kristy, never ever write a nonsense no-point post like this ever again" do let me know - or if you read all the way to the bottom and don't hate me, let me know too (because this girl can always do with more friends, right?)

So yeah, to stop me looking like a complete lunatic who just spent all this time talking to herself, let's chat!
Tell me, what did you get up to over the weekend?
What's one random tidbit about you?
And what's one thing everyone seems to love but you just can't understand?
There's many things that are "trendy" or common that I just don't get... like painting your nails (I really love painting my nails but they're chipped in 0.000001 seconds so I just don't bother), kale (I like kale chips but kale is definitely one of the only vegetables I don't love) and cropped shirts where your belly button pokes out... I don't know why but belly buttons kind of weird me out so I definitely don't want you to see mine!


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